Shiny new Chrome design that will be released on all platforms in September

It was made available in July for developers and beta channels, and the new design of the world's most popular browser will be made available to everyone from early next month.

Starting on September 4, "Chrome browser will be a new design for all operating systems," said Google's latest release notes for Chrome Enterprise.

The renewal of the material design ensures rounded corners on tabs, a bright color palette and extra white shading for active tabs and windows.

Along with its visual makeover, the upcoming Chrome 69 update will provide the browser with a number of new features, including Windows 10 notification-center integration, touchpad motion navigation on Windows, and updates to autocompletions & # 39;

Safety precautions

Users can also expect different browser security updates, such as the full integration of the popular Password Alert extension, which prevents unauthorized use of your Google accounts on websites that are marked as suspicious.

The new version of Google Chrome also promises to reduce crashes caused by third-party software, with a policy that now blocks the offending code by default.

Google is also going a step further with phasing out Flash support with its new release and announces that "starting with Chrome 69, whenever users restart Chrome Browser, they must give permission for sites to use Flash."

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