Summer Nindies Showcase announced for Nintendo Switch: that's how you can watch

Earlier this week, Nintendo released a video highlighting a number of indie titles on their way to the Switch. If that was not enough for you, then it was good news: today Nintendo announced that it will also host a new Nindies Showcase for the summer of 2018. This Nindies Showcase will probably announce a collection of new indie titles and give release details some of which we already knew about.

These Nindies Showcases are nothing new. Nintendo has introduced these presentations peridocially since the launch of the Switch, and it has proven to be a very good way to show off lesser-known titles that would otherwise probably not receive so much marketing. Many Nintendo platforms have struggled in the past to attract external developers, so this is also a good way for Nintendo to show that the Switch is not falling prey to the same problem.

In any case, the Nindies Showcase of summer 2018 is planned for August 28, 2018, so it's only a few days later. The whole is at 9 AM Pacific / 12 PM Eastern, and there are different ways you can watch. Nintendo will, as always, host the livestream on its website, but you can also watch it on YouTube via the video below.

Although Nintendo has not yet confirmed it, it is also very likely that it also streams the Nindies Showcase via its Twitch channel. So you probably have different ways to view the stream as Eastern rolls around 12:00 on August 28th.

About what Nintendo will tell during the show is a mystery. In typical Nintendo mode, the company has not unveiled any games that will be included in the Showcase, and that will almost certainly not happen in the days leading up to the premiere. We will just have to sit down and wait for Tuesday, but while we do, go to the Comments section and tell us what games you hope to see next week.

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