The Harman Kardon Google Assistant loudspeaker has a power of 200 W

In its current form, the citation does not rely solely on audio knowledge. It serves as a smart home hub and a LCD on the top helps to control playback when you do not sing song requests. It is also relatively subtle as far as smart loudspeakers are concerned with wool cover (black or gray), which makes it suitable for your interior.

Harman Kardon takes European pre-orders for the Citation at the end of September. There is no word about whether or not it will be available in the US and other regions. Whether or not it is, Harman is clearly determined to cover all bases. It already had speakers for three major voice assistants at average prices. Now, however, it has branched into the high-end category that has mostly remained untouched outside B & O and advanced Sonos configurations (which are not yet working with the Google assistant). We would not be alarmed if Harman would be more on his feet in the relatively near future.

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