The top stories of this week: Google Pixel 3 XL leaks a lot, Chrome's Material Design makeover, note 9, more

In the top stories of this week: Google & # 39; s Pixel 3 XL was shown several times, Chrome & # 39; s Material makeover gets a launch date, we share the first ideas about the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and more.

The best gift & # 39; s for Android users

Google Pixel 3 XL is leaking in abundance

The biggest story this week was Google & # 39; s Pixel 3 XL and the flood of new leaks that hit the web. Camera sampling, video & # 39; s with wireless charging and even a full review on the web, and we have it all on the links below.

Along with the abundance of leaks, we were able to share information from sources that show how Google uses the two cameras on the front of this device, and also that Google plans to update Visual Core on this device.

According to a source familiar with the phone, one of the main goals of the two cameras on the front of the Google Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3 XL is better selfies. We are told that the resulting images are similar to other faux bokeh implementations, but with some improvements to make the Pixel stand out from the competition. Google would like to & # 39; see how people appreciate the enhanced portrait mode & # 39 ;, said a source.

Furthermore, we have only revealed that the flow of leaked Pixel 3 XL information is largely due to a black market dealer who buys early units.

9to5Google has learned that many of the leaks have come in recent weeks thanks to a Ukrainian seller, who offers a large number of possibly stolen Pixel 3 XL units for $ 2000 each.

Our weekly podcast, Alphabet Scoop, has also treated these leaks with a few extra information we have learned over the phone.

In addition to the Pixel news, we also revealed this week that Google will be introducing Chrome's material design next month for all users on multiple platforms.

Even before the Google material theme was presented on I / O 2018, the Chrome team worked on a major redesign for the browser that has many similarities, such as rounded corners and stark white backgrounds. This renewal of the material design is available on both desktop and mobile and is now scheduled to be introduced in September with Chrome 69.

Finally, we also shared our first thoughts about Samsung's new Galaxy Note 9 in our first review.

This phone is basically as perfect as you can get from a hardware perspective. It has a long battery life, a first-class chassis with a great design, a great screen and every hardware and software function to justify your purchase.

The Note 9 is a spectacular phone, and if you've been on the fence to buy one, I can say it's absolutely worth it … if you can afford it.

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