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The Trust Performance Message Fork is Progressive, Link-Driven and Like No Other MTB Fork

Trust Performance, founded by Dave Weagle, Jason Schiers and Hap Seliga, today brought something new to the market for mountain bikes with the Message fork.

The Message is a hanging, air-suspended, multi-link front fork with 130 mm travel. It is a full-carbon front suspension fork, and Trust says that the Message is easy to set up, light and rigid and combines great climbing efficiency with decreasing capacity.

The Message fits mountain bikes with a tapered head tube and 15 × 110 Boost spacing and a 180mm post brake mount.

Because the Message is not telescopic like most forks, it has a longer shaft-to-crown length and Trust says it is suitable for bikes that are designed around a 29-inch fork with 110-150 mm suspension travel or a 27.5 -inch fork with 130-150mm of travel.

By using links, the Message intends to regulate the suspension speed more carefully than a traditional telescopic fork. Trust claims that the fork is smooth in the upper stroke, supporting in the middle and difficult to bottom out in the bottom stroke, just like a suspension platform with frame. The Message is equipped with a Trust-made damper with two tubes and a continuous shaft.

It is said that the message offers a very different steering behavior than traditional forks. Modern mountain bikes use soft head corners and short fork sets to keep the bike slack and stable, which optimizes steering and handling at high speeds. The disadvantage is that it can make slow speed, technical handling more difficult.

The Message maintains a consistent caster through its travels and Trust says it offers the best of both worlds – excellent handling and stability at most low and high speeds, thanks to the unique axis path.

Trust Performance says that the message is fairly easy to set up and maintain. Air pressure is set at a 1-to-1 ratio to the weight of the rider. That means a 150 pound. the rider needs 150psi in the fork.

Like a rear shock, the message has a switch for open, medium and firm compression.

The maintenance interval is possibly the longest in the industry after 250 hours and the bearings in the coupling have a lifetime warranty.

Interested riders, however, pay a hefty price for the mentioned performance. The MSRP on the message is $ 2,700.

Read more on the Trust Performance website.

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