These are the 7 different IGTV accounts that you have to follow as soon as possible

Since Instagram launched its game-changing IGTV function on Wednesday, July 20, I spent hours exploring the elongated video platform and connecting it to my favorite influencers on a different level. One thing I like about IGTV's ability to host longer video is that it makes it easier for followers to immerse themselves in the unique, diverse experiences of comedians, fashion stars, make-up artists , fitness gurus and the like, represented by all races, nationalities and sexual orientations. You want to view my choices for 7 different IGTV accounts that you can follow if you want to keep your finger on the pulse of rising votes in the Instagram community. Trust me, your food is about to get so much more interesting.

It is not surprising that many of these bloggers originally made their name by running skits or recording themselves on video platforms such as YouTube and Vine. Now that IGTV is here and brings Instagram audiences of 1 billion people to their videos & # 39; s and profiles, these different voices get a much bigger platform to share their unique perspectives and their outlook on life, self love, beauty standards and acceptance.

The anecdotes are sometimes hilarious and at other times empowering. One constant is that they never fail to be recognizable and eye-opening for the viewer.

2King Bach

kingbach on Instagram

The Canadian comedian King Bach, born of the Jamaican parents, by Reality Famous, is known for his hilarious sketches that will leave you, and his IGTV channel is almost guaranteed to be a grinning fest. Occasionally he also gets serious subjects, so stand up for the laugh and stay ahead of the surprisingly insightful discussions.

3Shahd Batal

shahdbatal on Instagram

Beautyblogger Shahd Batal continually blesses her followers with photos of her stylish twist on a modest dress and her shimmering skin. Her make-up manuals on IGTV are a must for anyone interested in a radiant complexion. In addition, Batal preceded her own personal "liberating" experience with wearing a hijab and committing herself to a modest dressing, which she decided to do shortly after the presidential election in 2016, per a personal essay that Batal wrote for PopSugar in September 2017.

5Bryce Xavier

brycexavier on Instagram

Bryce Xavier made his first name on the lipsync app before he brought his talents to Instagram. He was one of the very first influencers to share content with IGTV, and his feed is full of dance video & # 39; s and his unique sense of style. You can also expect honesty from this young IGTV star. In a recent YouTube video called & # 39; Me Being Honest for 60 seconds & # 39; Xavier said: "I feel like you believe in what you believe, it says, tell you truth."

6Manny Gutierrez

mannymua733 on Instagram

Manny Gutierrez, who passes @ mannymua733, tries to prove that "boys deserve as much cosmetic recognition" as women with their make-up skills. Growing up in the Mormon church, the Maybelline ambassador opened up how his parents initially sent him to counseling when they discovered that he was gay at the age of 17. Later, he decided to leave medical school to pursue his dreams of becoming a make-up artist, and he does not get in the way of hate speech. In January 2017 Gutierrez became the first male ambassador of Mabelline. Gutierrez was one of the first selected influencers to start posting on IGTV and his channel will show you how to beat with your highlighter or lift your cut-crease game to a higher level.

7Nabela Noor

nabela on Instagram

The Bengali-American blogger Nabela Noor is not afraid to experiment with colors, make-up and enviable style. Her IGTV channel, with a mix of three and video's about self-acceptance, becomes one of your favorites. In addition to provoking positivity of the body, Noor regularly examines difficult topics such as Islamophobia and dealing with the repercussions of her intermarriage marriage, per Beautycon.

I advise you to view all these accounts and see which ones suit you best. If the list inspires you to do an IGTV exploration yourself, all you have to do is select the TV icon in the upper right corner to access the IGTV arsenal. From there, you can search for a particular topic that interests you most, or you can view the videos that are most popular right now. Good hunting!

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