Ubisoft seen Rainbow Six Siege World Cup – unveils new professional team skins

Rainbow Six Siege is about to win a World Cup-tournament (Picture: Ubisoft)

Ubisoft is considering to make a World Cup-tournament for Rainbow Six Siege, following the increasing success at the esports circuit [19659003] The competing squadron-based shooter has had an impressive turnaround since its original release in December 2015, and in April of this year became the flagship esports title of Ubisoft and already surpassed 30 million registered players.

Speaking to Metro GameCentral during the Rainbow Six Siege Paris Major, Ubisoft's esports director, Francois Xavier-Deniele, explained how a World Cup event could expand the audience of the game.

Asked about the possibility of a Rainbow Six Siege World Cup, Francois said: & # 39; We think about it. I t is something that we certainly think.

& # 39; A country based and nationality for the team is something … we just have to be sure where we say it? What is the story behind? What is the qualification process? We are already busy with teams that play a lot, but it is interesting because you bring another audience to your game – and the sense of nationality can be very interesting for this kind of competition. & # 39;

Ubisoft has also unveiled a lot of new pro team skins and charms on the way to Rainbow Six, with income from in-game cosmetics to the respective team that supports you.

It is part of a new & # 39; Pilot program & # 39; for revenue sharing, which is designed to also change team funds into financial support, with 21 percent of the revenue share of the new skins and charms going directly to teams, while 9 percent will be added to the Rainbow Six Siege prize pool.

Rainbow Six Siege gets new cosmetics to support your favorite professional team (Photo: Ubisoft)

Teams on the new skins and charms are FaZe, Vitality, TeamLiquid, SK Gaming, Rogue, Immortals, Ninjas in Pajamas, Fanatic, mouz and EvilGeniuses.

Ubisoft also has detailed plans for the remaining Pro League season and then, with the season finals in Rio De Janeiro on November 17 with a prize pool of $ 275,000 (£ 215,000).

Siege & # 39; s next Invitational in 2019 returns to Montreal in February, with their largest minimum prize pool of $ 650,000 (£ 510,000) – which is expected to rise more than $ 1 million in the revenue sharing system .

The new update, which is expected to appear in September, includes a renewed version of the original Hereford Base card, together with two new operators Clash and Maverick.

We have more about Rainbow Six Siege Operation Grim Sky in the coming days.

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