Velocity 2X developers have a hard time getting a follow-up from the ground

No publisher is willing to finance it

One of the benefits of being a member of Sony's PlayStation Plus program is that gamers get a few free games every month. Although the titles have recently slipped into older releases, the first days of the PS4 saw a whole series of indie games appear on the market. Although it was a big incentive to sign up, the domino effect was that these indie games ended with low sales. Why buy a game if it's free, right? unfortunately, Velocity 2X has fallen into that category.

In a recent Twitter thread about the likelihood of a sequel, FuturLab explained how despite millions of users and positive critical reception, Velocity 2X is not sold well. There are a number of factors that contribute to the lack of success of this game, but one of the biggest is the simple fact that people on PS4 and Vita got the game for free during the most crucial moments.

A PC release could have corrected that, but FuturLab even hit it by releasing the title right when Windows 10 came out. This caused a game-break bug for NVidia users who needed FuturLab a year to solve. Because of that series of unfortunate events, Velocity 2X flopped on PC. Because of all this, no publisher is interested in financing a possible follow-up because the prospect seems too risky.

In a last attempt to get a sequel, Velocity 2X is on its way to Nintendo Switch, where developer FuturLab hopes fans will notice it. If all goes well, FuturLab can work with Curve Digital to produce the sequel it always wanted for the game (titled Velocity Supernova). As the Twitter message mentions: "This is probably your last chance to see a fully deserving sequel."

I was honestly shocked at how devastating the impact of the launch on PS Plus for FuturLab was. Although I've heard some rumbling from game developers about this problem, I never thought that signing the Sony program could be a death sentence. Hopefully everything will be fine, because the stifling creativity in this industry is the last thing that has to happen.

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