Wow! You can now run Windows 95 on Windows, macOS and Linux

The iconic Windows 95 operating system that essentially serves as a blue print for modern systems will now be available via a downloadable app for use on Windows, Mac and Linux. The main difference is that all the code is in the app, so it works more like a "real" operating system. After all these years there were many innovations, integrated technologies and today we have a completely robust system that is probably the best operating system of the current time, the technical giant Microsoft & # 39; s Windows 10.

For the sake of clarity, this is not a gimmick, like a website with limited functionality, dressed up to look like Windows 95. A number of links and tools are displayed on the desktop with which you can communicate.

You can spend hours with Freecell and solitaire, create a pixelated masterpiece in the classic Microsoft Paint and create missives in Notepad – all accessible via a good, old-fashioned Start menu. That may be the only explanation why a part of me would also be fond of suffering through a mobile version of Windows 95 on a smartphone. Her Windows 95, of course, but some components do not work: Internet Explorer does nothing, and no other app that requires any form of network access.

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An interesting feature of Windows95 is the ability to load images from .img diskettes. In fact, you can play fate in the virtualized instance, but do not expect it to work properly.

After downloading and running the Electron app on my PC everything seemed to be running smoothly during a rudimentary bag.

running Microsoft & # 39; s old Windows 95 operating system on newer versions of Windows or on Mac or Linux devices may not be something that is very practical, but it certainly appeals to users who grew up with Windows 95 and those who are curious about the operating system.

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