Xiaomi launches smart case, opened with fingerprint

Fingerprint sensors embedded in modern technology and intelligent door locks to prevent the carrying of keys.

Xiaomi выпускает смарт-чемодан, открываемый отпечатком пальца

The Chinese company Xiaomi has decided to introduce the same option to make suitcases that are used for long trips. In this context, the company recently released a smart case with a 90 minute Smart Unlock case. The novelty will surprise consumers with the presence of the fingerprint sensor from the Swedish manufacturer of FPC. Open the suitcase. The fingerprint in the memory unit can store up to five types. Two batteries will be equipped with food technology for six months. With a strong decrease of their energy you can use the USB port to supply power.

The frame of the suitcase Xiaomi made of aluminum, the casing reproduced from robust polycarbonate, that speaks of the unreality of spoiling the product and its contents. Today the price of the product is $ 145.


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