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LOS ANGELES – Oprah Winfrey finds support after the death of her mother in the thought that Vernita Lee had a good life. That let the TV icon Monday on a family photo that she shared on Instagram. Earlier in the day, the family confirmed that Vernita died last week at the age of 83.

"Thank you for all your kind words and condolences about the death of my mother Vernita", wrote Oprah on the photo, on which Vernita can be seen with her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Oprah found out in 2010 that she has a younger half-sister, who had given up her mother for adoption just after her birth. Her other half-sister and half-brother have passed away.

Oprah has always been open about the bond with her mother, who has been struggling for a while. The presenter grew up alternately with her grandmother, father and mother. Later, Oprah and Vernita got a better relationship. In 2012, the program maker shared a picture of herself with Vernita on Mother's Day, in which she wrote: "A thank you to my mother Vernita Lee, who brought me up as well as she could."

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Atheist Jamie Dornan refused to take sides during sectarian problems https://navva.org/ireland/entertainment/atheist-jamie-dornan-refused-to-take-sides-during-sectarian-problems/ Tue, 27 Nov 2018 01:20:45 +0000 https://navva.org/ireland/ireland/atheist-jamie-dornan-refused-to-take-sides-during-sectarian-problems/

Jamie Dornan was reunited with The Fall-maker Allan Cubitt for Death And Nightingales (Ian West / PA)
Jamie Dornan was reunited with The Fall-maker Allan Cubitt for Death And Nightingales (Ian West / PA)

Jamie Dornan refused to choose parties that grew up in the shadow of the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

The actor said that it was impossible not to be influenced by violence and division, and that he understands the dynamics and motivations of the conflict.

Dornan, a devoted atheist, has revealed that he refused to proclaim his loyalty on both sides in the sectarian struggle between Protestant unionists and the largely Catholic nationalists.

The 36-year-old actor has returned to his Northern Irish roots for the upcoming BBC Two period drama Death And Nightingales, which takes place in Fermanagh before the division of Ireland, although it shows the religious and political divisions that would turn into paramilitary violence.

Dornan said that although he had experience with the Troubles, he had no bias to assume his role as a Catholic tenant because he & # 39; fortunately & # 39; had been to mix on both sides of the religious divide as he grew up.

He said, "You can not live and grow up in Northern Ireland at that time, the time I did, and not be affected by the problems, even in the smallest ways.

"Although I think there was no small thing to be honest in any way.

"I understand very well, but I am an atheist and I always grew up, and I have never felt that I have any loyalty on both sides, or much of what drove the situation.

"I was very lucky, I went to a school with a healthy mix of Catholic and Protestant, I could relate to both sides.

"I could find it in my own way because I certainly experienced it."

Dornan plays Liam Ward in the coming drama, a Catholic who comes into conflict with his morally dubious Protestant landlord Billy Winters, played by Matthew Rhys.

Dublin born actress Ann Skelly plays the female lead, Beth Winters, at the heart of the story of love, revenge and betrayal.

Star of Northern Irish drama The Fall, Dornan said he would like to go home to film, especially during an exceptionally sunny summer that caused an idyllic shoot.

He said: "Since season three of the fall I was pretty bad to go home, so having an excuse to be home for the summer was great, I visited parts of the country that I did not know existed.

"I will take every opportunity to work at home, if the role is right, and stories from that part of the world mean a lot to me." It was a joy. "

Dornan was reunited with The Fall-maker Allan Cubitt for Death And Nightingales, which is adapted from the novel of the same name by Eugene McCabe.

The writer and director said that the piece, which takes place in 1885, touches on a troubled Northern Ireland, a region that once again makes the news about possible political divisions.

Cubitt said: "It takes place in the time of the Fenian dynamite campaign.

"It was the time of the beginning of modern terrorism, terrorism as we know it, the struggle of these people who believed that the British should not be in Ireland."

The tensions serve as a backdrop for a drama in which flashbacks are used to tell interwoven family and love stories, while the protagonist, Beth, makes an important decision on her birthday.

Death And Nightingales will be broadcast at 9 pm on Wednesday, November 28th on BBC Two.

Press Association

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Earthless Australia and New Zealand 2019 tour dates of David Roy Williams https://navva.org/newzealand/entertainment/earthless-australia-and-new-zealand-2019-tour-dates-of-david-roy-williams/ Tue, 27 Nov 2018 00:34:59 +0000 https://navva.org/newzealand/newzealand/earthless-australia-and-new-zealand-2019-tour-dates-of-david-roy-williams/

Earthless goes back to Australia and New Zealand for a tour of February / March 2019.

Earthless last toured in 2015 in Australia.

Isaiah Mitchell, Mike Eginton and Mario Rubalcaba formed the band in San Diego in 2001. Rubalcaba was in Rocket from the Crypt when he met Eginton, who brought in Mitchell. Eginton coined the name of a Druids of Stonehenge song from the 1960s.

In the early years of the band Earthless played many Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath covers. Rubalcaba was still with Rocket from the crypt and threw both bands together until Rocket separated from the crypt and released his time.

Earthless & # 39; first album Sonic Prayer was released in 2005 and then earned Best Hard Rock Album at the San Diego Music Awards 2007.

This year they released their fifth album 'Black Heaven & # 39; from.

Earthless touring Australia for David Roy Williams.


Don 21 Feb Melbourne – Max Watts
Free 22 Feb Wellington – Valhalla
Sat 23 Feb Tauranga – Totara Street
Sun 24 Feb Auckland – Galatos
Tues 26 Feb Wollongong – Uni Bar
Thu Feb 28th Canberra – Cellar
Free March 1 Sydney – Crow Bar
Sat 2 March Narrabeen – Narrabeen RSL
Sun 3 March Newcastle – Small ballroom
Wed 6 March Gold Coast – Miami Tavern
Don March 7 – Brisbane – Crow Bar
Friday, March 8 – Geelong – Barwon Club
Sun March 10 – Perth – Amplifier

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John Legend & Chrissy Teigen & # 39; Definitely & # 39; Because Baby # 3 https://navva.org/africa/entertainment/john-legend-chrissy-teigen-39-definitely-39-because-baby-3/ Tue, 27 Nov 2018 00:17:53 +0000 https://navva.org/africa/africa/john-legend-chrissy-teigen-39-definitely-39-because-baby-3/

"Extra & # 39; s" Tanika Ray took place with John Legend and Chrissy Teigen when they promoted their NBC-special "A Legendary Christmas with John and Chrissy".

Together with their preparations for the holidays with their growing family, the couple expressed their desire for another child!

John said, "I think we'll have another one." Chrissy added, "I think we will definitely do another one and then I do not know if my body can bear it."

"A Legendary Christmas with John and Chrissy" is broadcast on Wednesday, November 28th.

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Rihanna and Chris Brown's ups and downs over the years https://navva.org/canada/entertainment/rihanna-and-chris-browns-ups-and-downs-over-the-years/ Tue, 27 Nov 2018 00:12:54 +0000 https://navva.org/canada/canada/rihanna-and-chris-browns-ups-and-downs-over-the-years/

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Donald Glover and Rihanna & # 39; s & # 39; Guava Island & # 39; film trailer illuminates social media https://navva.org/zimbabwe/entertainment/donald-glover-and-rihanna-39-s-39-guava-island-39-film-trailer-illuminates-social-media/ Mon, 26 Nov 2018 23:44:48 +0000 https://navva.org/zimbabwe/zimbabwe/donald-glover-and-rihanna-39-s-39-guava-island-39-film-trailer-illuminates-social-media/

A trailer for the much-discussed but beautiful "hush-hush" project by Donald Glover and Rihanna has appeared on social media.

The trailer for the film, allegedly titled & # 39; Guava Island & # 39 ;, was seen airing during the weekend during the Pharos festival at Tapapakanga Regional Park in Auckland, New Zealand. Early in the trailer the character of Glover refers to Rihanna's character as his girlfriend.

Glover picks a guitar while Rihanna ignores him. Then he runs through the streets as loud music plays, leading to a fast, drum-like few minutes full of dancing, laughing and even what looks like a kidnapping.

"What's wrong with me is that we live in paradise, but neither of us has the time or the resources to really live here, we work hard, we deserve a day off, we just take what's ours," Glover's character tells ominously.

Based on the trailer, we know that the film is directed by Hiro Murai, who also directed the video for Glover's, or "This Is America" ​​by Childish Gambino, and that the Glover, Rihanna, Letitia Wright and Nonso Anozie produces a star.

In August, images of the star and rapper "Ocean & # 39; s 8" in Cuba placed social media on fire. Cuban outlet Vistar reported that the two were recording "Guava Island" at different locations in Havana at that time.

It is not clear when the film is expected to come out. Representatives from Rihanna and Glover did not respond immediately to HuffPost's request for comment.

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Harry Redknapp's hilarious secret message of three words, spotted by I & # 39; m A Celebrity fans https://navva.org/uk/entertainment/harry-redknapps-hilarious-secret-message-of-three-words-spotted-by-i-39-m-a-celebrity-fans/ Mon, 26 Nov 2018 22:32:48 +0000 https://navva.org/uk/uk/harry-redknapps-hilarious-secret-message-of-three-words-spotted-by-i-39-m-a-celebrity-fans/

Harry Redknapp was exciting. I'm a celebrity … get me out of here! viewers on the 18th series of the popular ITV1 reality show.

And tonight, the former manager of Birmingham City went a step further by truly melting the hearts of the country.

So far, we have heard Harry hear hilarious stories about supporters of other football fanatics, such as Sir Alex Ferguson and Chris Kamara.

And we have heard that the boss of ex-Blues, Tottenham and West Ham revealed his deep, intense love for his wife Sandra.

But tonight, viewers' Arry & # 39; s secret message in the camp & # 39; and they loved it.

The message was cut above the bed.

By sharing the photo online, a fan circled the message in chalk.

It read with hearts: "HARRY SLEPT HERE."

One fan tweette: & # 39; Harry is really the gift that never stops with #imacelebrity #Imaceleb. & # 39;

Holly Willoughby and Declan Donnelly are spurred by disappointment I am a celebrity … Get me out of here! fans to stop making the same joke about Redknapp.

Redknapp, a former manager of the Birmingham City, also oversaw West Ham United, Tottenham Hotspur and QPR, as well as Portsmouth and Southampton during his career.

Below you see Harry Redknapp that I am a celebrity 2018

Load video

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The legendary football manager, who is father of ex-Liverpool and Spurs-ace Jamie, who now works as a Sky Sports pundit, revealed everything to his ten camp mates in the Australian bush at the time he hit his wife's foot back after she had dropped her off at the stores back in 2016.

Willoughby and Donnelly have used the anecdote as a cliché for some jokes since Arry announced the info to a startled Fleur East, Nick Knowles and fellow – but viewers have been annoyed by the joke.

In fact, it has even been branded "too far", while another says that the joke is "bad taste".

"I wish they would stop talking about Harry, woman, not funny that it was awful and angry about it, I doubt if he would like to laugh about it." "I called somebeleb" someone called.

Another addition: "I generally like this show, but I think it's a bad taste how" jokes "continue to be made about Mrs. Redknapp being run over, and she has been seriously injured in that incident. to view humor #imaceleb. "

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Kim Kardashian, Kanye West: in their private jet https://navva.org/ethiopia/entertainment/kim-kardashian-kanye-west-in-their-private-jet/ Mon, 26 Nov 2018 22:16:01 +0000 https://navva.org/ethiopia/ethiopia/kim-kardashian-kanye-west-in-their-private-jet/

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West rented a large private plane with a double bed.

The pair bounced off in style on a chic 747 fighter jet that Kim, 38, photo & # 39; s and video's of her 120 million follower reports shared The sun.

In a series of videos, the mother of the three her followers gave a glimpse into her high life with a tour of the impressive vehicle.

She said to fans with husband Kanye West: "No problem, just take a private 747 – as he does now, only 747.

She added: "I've never heard of this before, but whatever."

Kim continues to provide insight into her sleeping quarters, with a large, perfectly made double bed.

The reality star continued to tell: "So you just know our room for the long flight, quite insane.

"So this is what a Private 747 is like you, I've never been there, so I think so:" Oh my god, there are bedrooms everywhere. "

As she continues to walk through the vast space, the Keeping up with the Kardashians star was clearly impressed by what she had encountered.

"No big deal, there is just a chillroom, this is endless."

The couple also took another essential in the plane.

"Actually, our trainer has taken flight since it is so long, so we can train here."

In another clip, Kim and her trainer Melissa see the lances in one of the wide aisles.

And the size of the plane never seems to end when Kim continues with the disclosure that it is also a double-decker, equipped with its own dining room table.

"This is insane," she said.

In the last minute she told a picture of her husband working on his phone at a table she was subtitling: "Yeezy floating office."

The luxury journey of the couple comes just after Kim revealed that she was high of ecstasy during her infamous sex tape with her ex Ray J.

The reality star made the shock permission of her sister Kendall on a recent episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians.

Chatting with the Victoria's Secret model and Scott Disick, Kim talked about her former party animals.

She confessed: "I got married in ecstasy for the first time."

And she even wrote her infamous sex tape from 2003 with Ray J to the same drug.

She continued: "I once did ecstasy, I got married, I did it again and made a sex tape.

"Like, everything would happen badly."

A shocked Scott said: "You were high on ecstasy when you did that sex tape?"

And the mother of three confirmed, "Absolutely, everyone knows, my jaws were shaking all the time."

Kim's infamous sex tape with Ray J pushed her to fame when it was leaked in 2007.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission

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In & # 39; Frequent Contact & # 39; After Breakup – Hollywood Life https://navva.org/us/entertainment/in-39-frequent-contact-39-after-breakup-hollywood-life/ Mon, 26 Nov 2018 21:47:56 +0000 https://navva.org/us/us/in-39-frequent-contact-39-after-breakup-hollywood-life/

Although their tumultuous and violent relationship ended half a decade ago, Rihanna and Chris Brown reportedly could have their history & # 39; do not let go and keep in touch with each other.

Chris Brown, 29, caused quite a stir when he left a comment Rihanna& # 39; S topless Instagram message on November 24th. In view of the fact that Chris was sentenced to five years probation after he had pleaded guilty to attacking Rihanna in 2009, seeing Breezy creep on RiRi & # 39; s Instagram was a bit … weird. Except, as a source has told Weekly, this is the norm since they separated in 2013. "Chris and Rihanna keep in frequent contact with each other and are extremely positive about each other's projects," the source said.

"There is a lot of history between them, Rihanna is aware that there will be concern about her friendship with Chris, but she can handle herself," the source said. Weekly. Maybe Rihanna will tell Chris to choose better emoji's when she's on her IG? Breezy left an emoji with red hair on a picture of Rihanna lying in a pair of her Savage x Fenty underwear (and not much else.) Although Rih Chris's comment was not publicly acknowledged, did share a screenshot of a Bible verse that seemed to be about them.

"There may be times when you can not move forward, but at least you do not have to go backwards." Very poignant, Rihanna. For a quick refresher course – Rihanna and Chris Brown dated from 2008 to 2009, until he was arrested for physically attacking her in a car. Chris pleaded guilty to a crime, for which he had completed five years probation, six months of community training and one year of counseling. He and Rihanna then interacted a couple of times, working on two songs in 2012 for reuniting in 2013 (to the great annoyance of many of her fans.)

The two broke it off and that was that. Chris had a tumultuous relationship again, this time with Karrueche Tran before he had a daughter, Royalty, with another woman. As for Rihanna, she continued with her date Drake on and off. She was romantically coupled with Hassan Jameel until they split in early November. "Some time ago, between them and Hassan, there was a sort of hiss," a source told EXCLUSIVE HollywoodLife.com. "Their life was very busy and it was difficult for her because she often did not feel a priority for him …. Although she would never go back to Chris or Drake at this point in her life, she does not exclude things with Hassan. # 39;

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Mel B takes an insulting marriage against Stephen Belafonte to promote New Memoir https://navva.org/ireland/entertainment/mel-b-takes-an-insulting-marriage-against-stephen-belafonte-to-promote-new-memoir/ Mon, 26 Nov 2018 21:33:48 +0000 https://navva.org/ireland/ireland/mel-b-takes-an-insulting-marriage-against-stephen-belafonte-to-promote-new-memoir/

Melanie "Mel B" Brown changes her difficult life under the surface of her beauty and success in an open book – literally – starting with her violent relationship and the impact it had on her relationship with her late father, Martin.

To promote the launch of her new memoir, Mercilessly honest, the Spice Girls alum, 43, shared in an interview with the British talk show Loose women On Monday, her father said that she had to step out of her violent 10-year marriage with film producer Stephen Belafonte. She discussed the issue of raising awareness about the paralyzing nature of domestic violence – emotionally and physically.

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"I am one of the lucky ones," the America & # 39; s Got Talent Judge started. "It took the death of my father to give me the strength to go," Okay, my father is dead now, and now I must have the strength to continue in a positive way and stop living in this lie and pretending nothing happens and it is all a façade. "I just wanted it to stop, I wanted a night where I could sleep peacefully and safely."

She then explained part of the emotional torment behind her situation: "When you have given your power to someone and they just misuse it – and your trust, your honesty and respect – it takes so long to regain that trust . "

Stephen Belafonte, Melanie Brown, Martin Brown

Stephen Belafonte, Melanie Brown, Martin Brown

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

When one of the hosts specifically asked her about Belafonte's threats that he would release sex-bands from her, Brown admitted that she worried that her father would find out before he died.

"He already suffered a very bad illness … my father would die," said the pop star about her father, who fought against multiple myeloma. "In the few remaining years that he had, I could not do that to him-these ties, the knowledge of what happened in my marriage … in my mind, it would speed up his illness, and I could not do that to him. . "

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Brown then explained that she eventually decided to entrust him with the future of her marriage, and after that she could not have been happier.

"I whispered in his ear …" When you blow your last breath, I'm going to part from a monster, "and then he looked at me and took his last breath," she recalled. "I knew I had to land and work straight away[on[at[op[atAmerica & # 39; s Got Talent]from the plane … When I landed, I was so happy. "

Then her fellow judge Simon Cowell asked her about her elation, and she said that she responded: "My father is in a better place without any pain, and I know where I come home, because I'm going to divorce this man, and that's it. "I set the wheels in motion, I got a restraining order, it will be two years in December that I have not been with that person."

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Brown then added despite Belafonte's denial of accusations of abuse, her book is not just a "he-said-she-said." She explained, "I have testimonies from friends and family who witnessed his behavior."

According to The daily mail, Scary Spice also entered the incident Mercilessly honest.

"I told him that I was leaving Stephen and I felt his hand tugging slightly in mine," she wrote, according to the exhaust. "I leaned over him." Daddy, you cut your hair and shave, you got a new shirt, we prayed, we're done, you're done, but I can not start your divorce until you dies. & # 39; … His eyes opened for a moment, we looked at each other and there was a moment when I felt that all the pain that had once disappeared between us had disappeared, then he took one last, very slow breath. . & # 39; He is gone, & i announced in the room. & # 39;

In the interview with Loose women, Mel B also went on to discuss her recovery process of the abuse and why she decided to become public with her story.

"Basically I really love myself, and I think I'm the most important now," she mused. "I had no choice because there were so many salacious headlines about me … For two years I was very, very quiet … [But] If I can help someone in a situation similar to what I've been in, the job is done right. & # 39;

Also in her book Mel B once again revealed a dark moment in her life – when she tried to die by suicide. In a fragment published by U.K. outlet The sun, she said she had swallowed 200 aspirin pills, which she had stored for years, on December 11, 2014, after returning to dinner with her husband at the time.

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The X Factor Judge wrote that although her life looked glamorous at the time, she & # 39; emotionally battered & # 39; felt.

"I felt ugly and disgusted by the man who promised to love and protect me, my husband and manager Stephen," she explained. "A man who after 10 years of marriage now had a library of adult movies that – as we both knew – could ruin my career and destroy my family."

After swallowing the last pill, Brown knew that she had made a mistake, according to The sun extract.

"Suicide was not the answer, I had to count my life, I had to go to a hospital," she wrote, according to The sunadding that although her memories from this time are blurred, she remembers to "throw" herself at a stuck door, giving her visible bruises on her face and shoulder. She remembered that those traces were visible during one x Factor show she was present three days later.

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After collapsing and getting in and out of consciousness, Brown claimed in the fragment that she was being transported to the hospital, where she lost consciousness again. When she woke up, her eldest daughter Phoenix Chi – now 19, whose father is Brown, was the first ex-husband Jimmy Gulzar – "furious … Of all the memories of all those hours it is the one who is still at the bottom "Brown said, call it" the saddest moment of my life ".

Brown is also the mother of 11-year-old Angel Iris Murphy Brown with ex Eddie Murphy and Madison Brown Belafonte, 7, with Belafonte.

The couple, who married in June 2007 in Las Vegas, officially finalized their divorce in December 2017. The legal divorce came nine months after the initially filed Brown in March that year.

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