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Former cycling champion Lance Armstrong said he "would not change anything" about the doping that led to his stripping of his record seven Tour de France titles, according to details of an interview to be broadcast on NBCSN next week.

The network, owned by NBC Sports Group, said on Thursday that it will broadcast a 30-minute interview called & # 39; Lance Armstrong: Next Stage & # 39; in which the 47-year-old American discusses his career and the decisions he makes.

"We did what we had to do to win. It wasn't legal, but I wouldn't change anything: whether it loses a lot of money, from hero to zero," said Armstrong, who overcame cancer to win. first of his seven consecutive Tour de France titles 20 years ago, said in an excerpt from the NBC Sports interview.

Armstrong was stripped of his Tour de France titles and banned the sport for life in 2012 after the International Cycling Union ratified the sanctions of the American Anti-Doping Organization.

The American later admitted that she cheated in a TV interview in January 2013 with Oprah Winfrey.

Armstrong, once a hero for millions, suffered a spectacular fall from grace that cost him millions of dollars in lawsuits and approvals.

"I wouldn't change anything, I wouldn't change the way I acted, I mean I would, but this is a longer answer," he said.

"First of all, I wouldn't change the lessons I learned. I don't learn all the lessons if I don't behave that way, I'm not investigated and sanctioned if I don't act the way I acted.

"If I just doped and didn't say anything, that wouldn't have happened. I don't mean, I asked if they would come after me.

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Kabeza, the Rwandan medic who uses technology to make people aware of diabetes – The New Times Thu, 23 May 2019 22:19:55 +0000

Kabeza, the Rwandan medic who uses technology to make people aware of diabetes The New Times

In 2013, Claudine Kabeza met 100 cases of children and teenagers living with diabetes in an education camp in Kigali. The same year, her mother …

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Man who repeatedly abused his niece during & # 39; perverse games & # 39; who have been detained for 11 years – Fri, 17 May 2019 19:15:34 +0000

Man who repeatedly abused his niece during & # 39; perverse games & # 39; who were put in jail for 11 years

A MAN WHO repeatedly sexually abused his young niece has been jailed for 11 years. The man, who cannot be called to protect the anonymity of the victim, …

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The replacement for the Axed Jeremy Kyle Show has been confirmed Fri, 17 May 2019 18:18:22 +0000

The replacement for the Jeremy Kyle Show of ITV has been revealed as the Real Deal by David Dickinson.

David, who is an antique expert, will fill in the next two weeks for the rejected show, it has been confirmed.

The last few days Real Deal has been broadcast in the usual slot machine of the Jeremy Kyle Show, which has made the fans furious.

The Real Deal of David Dickinson will replace the Jeremy Kyle Show

According to the sun, Real Deal is the replacement until at least the end of the month.

A source told The Sun: & ITV needs some time to work out what will happen in the long-term slot. Placing a reliable show like Dickinson & # 39; s Real Deal in the slot means a little breathing space and a little time to think. & # 39;

The Jeremy Kyle Show has been suspended in recent days after Steve Dymond died a few days after the failure of a lie detector test on the show.

Mr. Dymond has failed a lie detector test about his relationship. Pic: ITV

Social media response to this change is less common than fans have gone to Twitter to stretch out to ITV to replace Jeremy Kyle with a rating flop.

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Funding bomb: racing hit by shock £ 17 million less tax income Horse racing news Fri, 17 May 2019 17:18:40 +0000

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Promotions and results at the Cheltenham Festival are likely to have taken the charge

"title =" Cheltenham Festival promotions and results have probably been charged "class =" js-imageLoader "data-at-xn =" / 03 /22/58549-medium.jpeg "data-br-n =" "data-br- m = "" data-br-w = " images / news / 2019/03/22/58549-large.jpeg "data-br-xw =" "onclick = "return false; ">
Promotions and results at the Cheltenham Festival are likely to have taken the charge

Promotions and results at the Cheltenham Festival are likely to have taken the charge

Mark Cranham

British Racing's finances have taken a huge blow with the news that revenue from the tax – the central financing system of the sport – unexpectedly fell by £ 17 million in the last financial year.

The news could mean that spending on the Levy Board in areas such as prize money will face cuts later this year. That explosion comes against the background of the sport that has to do with a falling income from media rights caused by the closure of gambling stores due to the government's crackdown on FOBT & # 39; s. The effect of that change is estimated at £ 40m to £ 60m per year.

A spokesperson for the tripartite racing leadership, consisting of the BHA, the RCA and the Horsemen & # 39; s Group, said on Friday: "We were shocked when we saw the big drop in tax return, which was considerably lower than the previous prediction at the end of March, share the disappointment that our sport has delivered a number of very competitive and exciting races over the past year.

"The majority of the revenue from the levy is distributed as prize money. At a time when there are already many discussions about prize money in the industry, we appreciate that any reduction will cause further concern.

"Running tracks, the Horsemen & # 39; s Group and the BHA have agreed to deal with all implications together. Discussions are already underway about how the impact can be limited in the coming year."

Bookmakers pay a percentage of their gross profit on bets on British horse races to the levy, which the government reformed in 2017 to expand to overseas operators that had not contributed before.

After a decrease of less than £ 50 million, the recently reformed tax raised £ 95 million in the first year, even higher than the £ 85 million forecasts. In the 2018-19 financial year, however, that figure dropped to £ 78 million.

It is thought that the main impact came at the end of the tax year, which runs from April 1 to March 31, with a high percentage of winning favorites.

Promotion of bookmakers around the Cheltenham Festival and the results on the track will also have had a major impact on revenue, but the leadership of the sport will be concerned that this is more a structural change than a one-off event.

This week, Sky Bet & # 39; s parent company The Stars Group stated that bookmaker revenue was affected by unfavorable results at the festival, with a gambling profit margin of a record five percent in the first quarter of the year compared to an average of about nine percent.

Punters enjoyed a golden period during the meeting, from Altior on Wednesday winning the Queen Mother Champion Chase to Paisley Park & ​​# 39; s success in the Stayers & # 39; Hurdle on Thursday, with favorites arriving at seven of the eight races. The well-supported Frodon was the only non-favorite to commit to that run.

The flu crisis in horses, which halted for six days in February, will also have had an impact.

In March, it was announced that the 2019 prize money would be increased by a one-time £ 6.5m injection from the Levy Board to fill the gap that is expected to be left in the race course due to declining revenue from media rights this year.

The extra financial support was mainly aimed at the middle and lower levels of British racing and after a number of courses, particularly those under the umbrella of the Arena Racing Company (Arc), had expressed their intention to raise the prize money in 2019 decrease as an answer. to the threat of falling income, a movement that in the case of Arc led to trainer and owner boycotts.

It remains to be seen whether that extra support will be threatened by this latest news.

When the government reformed the charge, it said it would consider extending the system to betting on foreign racing, a move that could yield another £ 15 million to £ 20 million. However, ministers said they should race to make self-help efforts and also evidence of hardships before that change was made.

Many in the sport would also like to switch to a tax model that is based more on revenue to prevent bookmakers from using the sport as a loss leader.

For the most recent betting advice, based on the latest course and market conditions, you should not miss the Live Tipster every afternoon. Just click on Raceday Live on or the mobile app

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Santi Cazorla handed the recall to the Spanish team Ass Blog Fri, 17 May 2019 16:17:31 +0000

Okay, we know he's officially no longer an Arsenal player, but are you going to complain if we tell a story about Santi Cazorla? Of course not.

Well, there are always one or two, but our advice to you is simply not to read on, go outside, get some fresh air, and think about life. Come back later and there will be a story that you might like. Or not. I mean, if this doesn't make you happy, there's no hope.

Either way, Santi entered the Spanish team for the first time in four years, after experiencing an absolute nightmare of injury and infection. He was eliminated 18 months after limping during a Champions League match against Ludogorets in October 2016, and some experts doubt his ability to run well again, let alone play football.

He returned to his former club Villarreal last summer and this season has made 45 appearances, scored 7 goals and offered 11 assists. You should have a cold, cold heart to stop enjoying the reunion on the field after he lost such a large part of his career.

To then finish his season with a return to the Spanish squad is great to see, and the 34 years allegedly burst into tears when he got the news.

It is a shame that we never said goodbye to him when he left without ever pulling the shirt, but there is no lack of affection from Arsenal fans towards him.

His recall also comes on the 5th anniversary of our 3-2 win over Hull City in the 2014 FA Cup final. The game had started so badly for us, but Cazorla started the comeback with a beautiful free kick, before goals from Laurent Koscielny and Aaron Ramsey ended our trophy drought.

Given the day in it, we might as well look at the highlights, and well done to Santi, what a man!

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World Eating Disorder Day 2 June 2019 Fri, 17 May 2019 15:16:31 +0000

world eating disorder day

Limerick launches the first World Eating Disorder Day on Sunday, June 2 in Arthur's Quay at 1 p.m.

Limerick is the first to launch World Eating Disorder Day 2 June 2019

Annually around the world, June 2, 2019, & # 39; World Eating Disorders Action Day & # 39 ;. A collective effort led by basic activists, volunteers and more than 250 organizations in more than 40 countries around the world, organizations and activists organize local live events, broadcast meetings, illuminate buildings and monuments the color purple and use social media to take action.

world eating disorder day

Join Limerick and start the first World Eating Disorder Day in Ireland in Arthur & # 39; s Quay Park on Sunday, June 2 at 1 p.m.

Karen Gould launches the country's first eating disorder awareness event for June 2. Karen said: "The day we want to put Limerick on the map with regard to Ed consciousness, by showing the world our purple. Choose the theme as you want, wear purple, paint your hair, paint your nails or wear It is up to you to be yourself. "Karen has a mental health page with the name & # 39; Let & # 39; s Talk & # 39; which is intended for the community to talk about their experiences with psychological problems.

Wold Eating Disorder Day is a movement that ensures that deep-rooted social misunderstandings of eating disorders (including within the clinical community and between insurers and healthcare systems) are overwritten by science and the latest research and evidence regarding prevention, care and treatment of eating disorders.

In 2019, many local events will be organized by activists around the world, working on the Social Media platforms of the World Eating Disorders Day and hosting Flash Mobs, Lectures, Public Seminars, Art Shows, Radio and TV shows & # 39; s, Lighting of buildings and much more. The public should continue to dispel myths and stereotypes and share the message that "Eating disorders cannot afford to wait." They must be treated and funded as the deadly brain disorders that they are.

On Sunday, June 2, Karen launches the first World Eating Disorder event in Ireland at 1 p.m. in Arthur & # 39; s Quay, Limerick. Karen encourages everyone to "go along with the family, children, friends, even the dog. We will have a group photo taken with messages of hope for people affected all over the world. I will provide the materials See you there. Share and spread the word. "

Homefocus at Hickey & # 39; s has sponsored the awareness ribbons that are now available in stores and will be up-to-date. Merchants Quay will purple their building on June 2 to raise awareness and show their support. Join the movement by raising your voice. Donate here to your local eating disorder organization.

For more information visit

For more stories about mental health awareness, go here

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Match-making service & # 39; Knock Marriage Bureau & # 39; to close after more than 50 years Fri, 17 May 2019 14:13:43 +0000

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Internet sensation Grumpy Cat dies at the age of 7 Fri, 17 May 2019 13:11:07 +0000

Grumpy cat, the feline who found fame on the internet because of her constant frown, died.

A statement said she died on Tuesday after complications with a urinary tract infection.

Grumpy, whose real name was Tardar Sauce, went viral in 2012 after photos of her famous frown were distributed online, and quickly turned into a meme.

The seven-year-old cat from Arizona was estimated to be worth $ 1 million (€ 895,000).

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GBP / USD continues to lose ground, reaching new lows of 4 months around the 1.2700 & # 39; s Fri, 17 May 2019 12:09:21 +0000

• Brexit-related chaos continues to stir sentiment around the British pound.
• Cross-party calls end without a deal and worry about a no-deal Brexit.
• A modest pick-up in the USD question also works together with the current slide.

The GBP / USD pair remained heavily offered during the mid-European session on Friday and is currently at fresh lows of four months, around half past 1.2700.

The pair extended its recent downward trajectory and bearish pressure exacerbated the news that talks between parties aimed at breaking the Brexit deadlock ended without an agreement. Differences over an option of a permanent customs union and a second referendum were reported as the main issues why the government-Labor negotiations failed.

Meanwhile, party leader Jeremy Corbyn confirmed that his party will still oppose the UK PM Theresa May & # 39; s withdrawal agreement when it is returned to parliament for a new vote in early June. This clearly indicated that the May Brexit deal has no chance of getting parliamentary approval the fourth time and further raised concerns about a no-deal Brexit.

Added to this, some renewed interest in buying US dollars, backed by robust US economic data and safe-haven flows from Thursday, amid further escalation of trade tensions between the US and China, brought additional downward pressure and contributed to the heavily offered tone of the pair. fifth consecutive session.

Technical levels to view

As Yohay Elam, FXStreet's own analyst explains: "The 1.2775 level that we mentioned earlier is crucial. A lower level opens the door to 1.2670 which had a low point in January. It is followed by 1.2620 that goes back to December last year. "

"Resistance awaits 1.2830, which was a temporary support line on the way down. It is followed by 1.2900 that also offered support, and 1.2925 that covered a recovery attempt," he added.

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