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Dollar is the highest level in a month https://navva.org/lebanon/lebanon/dollar-is-the-highest-level-in-a-month/ Thu, 23 May 2019 22:14:06 +0000 https://navva.org/lebanon/lebanon/dollar-is-the-highest-level-in-a-month/

Dollar is the highest level in a month

Friday – 19 months Ramadan 1440 H – May 24, 2019 AD Number of the issue [

London: Middle East

The dollar hit a month high as economic and political uncertainty spread across Europe and Asia, causing most major currencies such as the euro and the yuan to fall.
Concerns about the German manufacturing industry, the impact of the trade war on Asian economies, and concerns about Britain's departure from the European Union and the upcoming parliamentary elections in Europe are becoming increasingly difficult for many countries in Europe and Asia in difficult times.
The dollar index, which tracks the return of the greenback, against a basket with 6 major currencies, hit 98,189, the highest level since April 26, when it reached a two-year high of 98.33.
The euro fell to a low of $ 1.1333 in early trading in the first month, while the pound fell below $ 1.26 for the first time since early January.
The yen generally rose on Wednesday as continued trade concerns about the US and China, concerns about Britain's exit from the EU, fueled risk aversion and raised the Japanese currency as a safe haven.
The yen rose 0.1 percent to 110.23 per dollar, after rising from a low of 110.675 with a two-week peak on Tuesday. The Japanese currency rose by 0.2 percent against the euro, 0.5 percent higher against the pound and 0.3 percent against the Australian dollar.
This is because the US Federal Reserve officials agreed at their last meeting that their current approach to monetary policy patients may continue "for some time," in a new sign that policymakers see little need to adjust prices. Interest up or down.
According to the minutes of the April 30 and May 1 meeting of the Federal Reserve, officials discussed hosting mechanisms that would allow them to structure their holdings of securities, which are estimated to be trillions of dollars in the best way to counter future economic slowdown.
The Fed held its last meeting before US President Donald Trump's government raised rates for Chinese goods and intensified tensions in global trade, with restrictions imposed on Huawei.
At that time, as US growth continued, inflation remained "subdued" and some global risks seemed to be easing, members of the Monetary Policy Committee felt that "the approach to patience … probably some more time would be appropriate … even if economic and financial conditions were continued. Global recovery ».
While "few" participants warned about the risks of inflation and the possible need to raise interest rates, and various "participants" warned that inflation could fall, the minutes of the MPC meeting showed that the committee will wait until there is a convincing change in economic data in one direction. The committee left the target rate unchanged at that meeting and remained at 2.25 and 2.5 percent.


United States

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The last frequency of the MBC Egypt channel mbc Egypt on Nilesat and Arabs Sat in Egypt and all Arab countries https://navva.org/lebanon/lebanon/the-last-frequency-of-the-mbc-egypt-channel-mbc-egypt-on-nilesat-and-arabs-sat-in-egypt-and-all-arab-countries-2/ Fri, 17 May 2019 19:08:10 +0000 https://navva.org/lebanon/lebanon/the-last-frequency-of-the-mbc-egypt-channel-mbc-egypt-on-nilesat-and-arabs-sat-in-egypt-and-all-arab-countries-2/

MBC Egypt, currently one of the most important varieties on the NileSat, and has the highest playback speed on other similar channels, and started its success since the beginning and was able to occupy a high position in a short period of time between the other channels on which preceded the broadcast, which is used by the MBC channel group to offer everything that is distinctive and new to the Arab viewers, with a group of the best media professionals and programmers and other endless ideas for the exclusive programs & series broadcast on the MBC Egypt channel,, It occupies the m ratio. Is also a witness in various Arab countries, especially during the month of Ramadan.

MBC Egypt bears the slogan "A new beginning for a big dream", following the transfer from the previous frequency to a new and stronger frequency to reach all parts of the Arab world directly and effectively without the problem of exposure to loss of broadcast programs & # 39; s varied programs & exclusive to MBC Egypt Talent, The Voice and The Voice KIDS, cooking program & # 39; s with Chef Hassan, the famous news program & # 39; Happening in Egypt & # 39; with Sherif Amer, and specialized religious fatwas.

Map of programs & magazines about Egypt in Ramadan

The frequency of MBC Egypt new channel 2018

The moon frequency Error correction coefficient Encoding speed
Nile was 7 degrees west 12015 V 5/6 27500

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Leaked images and specifications of the phone Oppo A9X, and gets a camera with a resolution of 48 megapixels https://navva.org/lebanon/lebanon/leaked-images-and-specifications-of-the-phone-oppo-a9x-and-gets-a-camera-with-a-resolution-of-48-megapixels/ Fri, 17 May 2019 18:10:24 +0000 https://navva.org/lebanon/lebanon/leaked-images-and-specifications-of-the-phone-oppo-a9x-and-gets-a-camera-with-a-resolution-of-48-megapixels/

The Oppo A9 was announced last month and the improved version of this phone, called the Oppo A9X, has now been leaked. This improved version has a significant change to replace the main camera sensor with another sensor with a higher resolution.

The new Oppo A9X will use a 48-megapixel sensor with a 1.7-inch lens in contrast to the current Oppo A9, which has a 16-megapixel sensor. When it comes to the front camera, it retains its resolution of 16 megapixels and the current position within the segment at the top center of the screen.

In addition, the Oppo A9X retains the 4020mAh battery, but receives VOOC 3.0 charging technology that charges the 20W battery. For the last change, the phone is black and light green.

For the rest of the phone, the Oppo A9X includes a 6.53 "LCD screen with FullHD + resolution, the MediaTek Helio P70 8-core processor, 6 GB random memory and 128 GB internal memory.


This article "leaked images and specifications of the Oppo A9X phone, and gets a camera resolution of 48 megapixels" adjusted from the site (electronically), and does not reflect the site's policy or viewpoint in any form, and The responsibility lies with the news or the authenticity of the source of the original news is electronic.

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More information about the conditions that the spleen must remove and the consequences of removal https://navva.org/lebanon/lebanon/more-information-about-the-conditions-that-the-spleen-must-remove-and-the-consequences-of-removal/ Fri, 17 May 2019 17:11:45 +0000 https://navva.org/lebanon/lebanon/more-information-about-the-conditions-that-the-spleen-must-remove-and-the-consequences-of-removal/

The details of this news show you the conditions that the spleen and the effects of removal must remove

The artist Samaya al-Khashab revealed the removal of the spleen, due to the release of the artist Ahmed Saad, who increased the search for information about the spleen and the reasons for the eradication and its implications, came during a television interview of the artist.

The splenectomy is an operation to completely remove the spleen. It is a fine, fist-sized organ located under the left rib cage near the stomach. The spleen is an important part of the body's immune system and contains the special white blood cells that destroy Bacteria help the body fight infections when they are sick, because it helps to remove or filter out the old red blood cells from the body's blood circulation.

If only part of the spleen is removed, the procedure is called a partial splenectomy, unlike some other organs, such as the liver, the spleen does not grow larger or & # 39; regenerates & # 39; after it has been removed and you must remove the spleen if you have an injury that damages the organ. To rupture, the spleen rupture can be life threatening because it causes internal bleeding.

Common causes of torn spleen are car accidents and exposure to abdominal cramps during exercise, such as soccer or hockey.

You can also recommend splenectomy if you have a spleen cancer or a number of diseases that affect the blood cells, and in some cases the spleen can blow up, making the member more fragile and susceptible to rupture, in some cases it can cause some diseases, The sickle cell , in the contraction of the spleen and stop working, this is called spontaneous splenectomy.

The most common cause of diseases associated with the removal of the spleen is a blood disorder called idiopathic thrombocytopenia, this is an autoimmune disease that focuses on platelet antibodies, which requires platelets to help the blood clot, so that the person with this It runs the risk of bleeding, where the spleen participates in the manufacture of these antibodies and the platelets are removed from the blood, spleen can be removed to help treat the condition.

You may also be interested:

Scientists discover that moss has medicinal benefits comparable to cannabis

Causes of enlargement of the spleen and its symptoms and how to prevent this

We thank you, the Arab visitors today, for browsing our site. If you have questions about this news, know the conditions for removing the spleen and the consequences of removal. Let us know or leave a comment below.
Source: Arab Today

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The environment is present in the "Nucleus" Award 7: Innovative Youth Renaissance https://navva.org/lebanon/lebanon/the-environment-is-present-in-the-nucleus-award-7-innovative-youth-renaissance/ Fri, 17 May 2019 16:10:21 +0000 https://navva.org/lebanon/lebanon/the-environment-is-present-in-the-nucleus-award-7-innovative-youth-renaissance/

The "Nawaat" Award for creative ideas comes to Lebanese society for the seventh year in a row, while maintaining the basic principles in the development of nationalities and peoples. The name of the prize is expressed, and since its founding in 2013, it has stimulated the core of university youth and enhanced their talents, in addition to opening the door to their individual projects.

The price is varied, runs on more than one field and on more than one level: science, technology, literature, architecture and culture. This year, she added a new topic, & # 39; Man and Environment & # 39 ;, which the head of the Nawaat association, Mohammed Khafaja, described as & # 39; the theme of the hour & # 39 ;. He emphasized the importance of the environment in Lebanon and other countries with pollution, as well as the importance of individual culture, that is, the starting point for young people to respect their environment.

It is not at the core of its national borders, but wants to develop into an international prize, after last year it brought together 600 participants from Lebanon and 300 participants from 19 countries abroad. This has prompted the parties involved to cooperate with the ministries of Environment, Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sport and with the Engineering Syndicate in Lebanon. Working with the union is based on the award of the best architectural design, in light of the absurdity of the majority of Lebanese architectural designs, which also harm the environment, and lack of original identity with the absence of studies on architecture.

The creativity and originality of the idea is the most important element in the evaluation of the annual work, which is presented to a jury of professors and specialists to first determine the accepted, then the candidate for the prize, the commission to select one winner. choose the price for each discipline.

Like all Lebanese cultural works, young people fear that their project will only be at the price limits and will not follow those involved. "There are several projects that have been followed up in recent years with the Nawaat Award, including Salam Al-Muqama, who won the Science Prize in 2016, and the Association has given him financial support to develop his project. Poetry and novels, scientific research and organizing book reception ceremonies at the annual Beirut International Book Fair. "

Nawaat Society will open its doors to youth skills in different categories from May 17 to July 31, through its website, to announce the winning projects and receive the prizes at the annual closing ceremony in mid-August. A long day with a series of workshops and seminars that will contribute to a greater commitment to the topics that will be presented during the three months, developing the current prize or motivating participants to present better projects in the coming years.

vegan chocolate cookies … A vegetarian dessert that you love

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Vivi Abdo is angry because of the rumor about her death in the Roma kingdom https://navva.org/lebanon/lebanon/vivi-abdo-is-angry-because-of-the-rumor-about-her-death-in-the-roma-kingdom/ Fri, 17 May 2019 15:07:32 +0000 https://navva.org/lebanon/lebanon/vivi-abdo-is-angry-because-of-the-rumor-about-her-death-in-the-roma-kingdom/

The most important and latest news from women today: Friday 17 May,
With news details: Women's news: Fifi Abdo is angry because of the rumor about her death in the Roma kingdom

Eve: The artist Vivi Abdou continues to portray her role in the series "The Kingdom of Ghajar", currently being shown on a number of Egyptian and Arabic channels.

In a press statement, the artist denied the rumors about the end of the character of "grace" embodied in the first half of the events, according to some confirmed, expressing anger about the spread of this false news.

Jad Choueiri apologizes to Fifi Abdou after cheating in favor of Ramez Jalal

Fayfi Abdo said she still thinks about her role, because she only has one day to shoot and finishes it, saying that she is the champion of the work. It makes no sense to end her role after ten episodes or fifteen episodes from the beginning of the series.

Fife was furious with rumors about the death of her character in the series

Vivi Abdo continues until the last episode

In the same context, the writer Mohamed al-Ghaiti said that rumors about the death of the character "grace" embodied by the artist Vivi Abdo, after the first third of Ramadan, are incorrect, and emphasize that the character is daily in the events of the series occur, and even in the last episode, The character is crucial and has a strong surprise in the final episode ..

The series is about the life of the gypsy in a new way and is presented on the screen for the first time. The details of this world are monitored by characters leading the life of "Hanjraia" written by Mohammed Al Ghaiti, directed by Abdel Aziz Hashad. With the syndicate of cinematic professions, the series includes a number of artists, including: Fifi Abdo, Houria Farghali , Sameh Al Saraiti, Ahmed Karara, Sana Shafea, Hazem Samir, Mayar Al Ghaiti and Azza Mujahid.

Vivi's character is a key figure in the series

The series was changed more than once, from the kingdom of Roma to Yasmina, and then "Yasmina and Queen of Gypsies", and the team returned to the original name "Kingdom of the Roma" before the start of Ramadan in days, there it was said that the reason for change is a dispute between Vivi Abdo and Hory Farghali, The right of each of them to bear the serial name of the character that it embodies.

Viva Abdo is angry because of the rumor about her death in the Roma or the images, but the responsibility lies with the original publisher of the news and the source News Women – the original publisher also has copyright and property rights If you have the news and want to delete it or remove it, first consult the original source of the news and send us to remove the news.

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Messi is close to reaching a new record https://navva.org/lebanon/lebanon/messi-is-close-to-reaching-a-new-record/ Fri, 17 May 2019 14:06:28 +0000 https://navva.org/lebanon/lebanon/messi-is-close-to-reaching-a-new-record/

Lionel Messi becomes the best scorer in the Spanish league for the sixth time in a row, with the Barcelona striker scoring Telemo Sarra's legendary record, about to win the European Golden Shoe for the sixth time in his career to improve his record.

Messi, who won his 10th national title, is the league's top scorer with 417 goals in 451 games and has been awarded 34 titles in Barcelona.

In 2014, Argentine Bargut broke a 60-year record when he exceeded 251 league goals on Sarra and became the top scorer in the history of the league.

Five years later, the top scorer in the competition ends five times (2010, 2012, 2013, 2017, 2018) with a sixth title if he faces Ebar on Sunday in the final phase of the competition.

The title is the same as that of Sera, the legendary Basque scorer, crowned six times between 1945 and 1953, after being equal in five titles with Argentine Alfredo di Stefano, Kenny and Mexican Hugo Sanchez.

After Cristiano Ronaldo & # 39; s departure from Real Madrid to Juventus last season, Messi was far away from him and he scored 34 goals so far. Uruguayan teammate Luis Suarez and Frenchman Karim Benzema (Real Madrid) have 21 goals.

With his 34 goals, Messi seems to be on track to win the European Golden Boot award, which is threatened by young Frenchman Kélian Mbabé (30 goals).

The world champions are returning to the Dijon competition in the French league this weekend, their last chance when Rains experiences the following week.

Despite the frustrating Barcelona exit in the Champions League semi-final against Liverpool (3-0 and 4-0), Messi's statistics remain impressive with 48 goals in 48 games this season in all competitions, the best in the Champions League with 12 goals.

The article reflects the opinion of the author and not necessarily the policy of the site

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The completion of a prisoner exchange between the Syrian army and terrorist organizations via the Al-Ais crossing https://navva.org/lebanon/lebanon/the-completion-of-a-prisoner-exchange-between-the-syrian-army-and-terrorist-organizations-via-the-al-ais-crossing/ Fri, 17 May 2019 13:04:37 +0000 https://navva.org/lebanon/lebanon/the-completion-of-a-prisoner-exchange-between-the-syrian-army-and-terrorist-organizations-via-the-al-ais-crossing/

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Google launches new hardware and applications and the goal is integration https://navva.org/lebanon/lebanon/google-launches-new-hardware-and-applications-and-the-goal-is-integration/ Fri, 17 May 2019 12:03:07 +0000 https://navva.org/lebanon/lebanon/google-launches-new-hardware-and-applications-and-the-goal-is-integration/

For this purpose, the company has supplied various devices and services, including:

Pixel 3 A and Pixel 3 A plus
The price of smartphones has risen steadily, so now we have to spend around $ 1,000 or more to buy a new phone.

But Google Pixels 3A and 3A Plus offer all functions for half the price.

The best scams available in Pixels, such as the camera's night vision and customizable battery, and the integration of enhanced reality technology in Google Maps are available for just $ 400.

Google Pixels 3A and 3A Plus offer all functions of smartphones for half the price (French)

Android Q
Android Q comes with some great updates, such as the Intelligent Response function, which works with all messaging applications and the direct annotation tool that translates video clips when the sound is not played.

Google says it's easier to check your application's permission because Google will ask you to view applications that have access to data similar to yours.

For families, parental controls provide a better opportunity to control the time spent on the child's screen and to remove applications that distract you, such as e-mail and news, when you try to focus on a task.

Android Q comes with some great updates, such as a smart reply function that works with all messaging applications and instant messages (Google)

Neust HB Max
The new SmartPhase Max Smart Display is a command center for your smartphone and this screen can control the thermostat of your Nest or smart lights.

The NestHabMax also has a camera that allows you to watch cooking classes on YouTube, plus a microphone for you to scream and the Google assistant tells him to turn off the timer (you can also do this by waving).

Voice Match recognizes every person who enters through his voice and the new Voice Match application recognizes their faces through the camera.

The new SmartPharm Max Smart Display is a command center for your smartphone (French)

Google Assistant
Google confirms that this smart assistant is able to provide answers and respond ten times faster to requests.

During a demonstration on stage, the company explained how to seamlessly switch between tasks and change applications without having to say "Hello Google" between Google Apps.

In addition, a rescuer can understand the difference between an order, for example, & # 39; send an email to Jessica & # 39; and dictate the message as such.

Some other phone features help Google understand the personal references of the words you speak better.

Driving mode also displays a personal dashboard that is displayed while you mount the vehicle. As soon as you say, "Hello Google, let's start running", this application displays all the possible details you need while driving.

Google confirms The Smart Assistant can provide answers and respond to requests ten times faster (French)

Duplex web
Duplex is known as a people-like program because it is able to make restaurant reservations and schedule your appointments by phone.

Now Duplex can also help you with websites. Suppose you plan to travel to San Francisco and need to rent a car.You must open your car rental website. Duplex automatically completes all required fields, including the date of your trip, the time of arrival and more, without having to enter the information yourself.

Immediate exchange of messages
Last year, Google introduced a series of instant applications for 466 million people in the world who suffer from deafness or hearing problems. These applications have the "speech-to-speech" function to record conversations in real time.

Currently, Google offers a number of new tricks, with LiveLay chat or Instant Messaging, giving users the ability to type instead of talking during a phone call.

This feature makes phone calls easier for people with speech problems and people who are already affected by strokes, deaf people or people with ESD. That's why Google is also working on creating a larger set of speech data, so that Google's assistant and other audio interfaces can understand people with special speech styles.

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