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Arsenal must avoid Ramsey errors

Arsenal & # 39; s Head of Football Raul Sanllehi says the club "must avoid" and repeats the kind of mistakes that caused them to lose midfielder Aaron Ramsey on free transfer.

Ramsey is leaving the Gunners this summer to join Italian giants Juventus after his contract in North London has ended, ending an 11-year stay at the club.

Speaking on the Arsenal website, Sanllehi, who joined Barcelona in February 2018 as part of a radical renewal of the club's hierarchy, confirmed that the Welshman was keen to stay in the Emirates.

However, because Arsenal was unable to compete with the lucrative wages offered elsewhere, they eventually decided to separate.

"For circumstances, whatever it was, we went to the final year of his contract – that's a problem," Sanllehi said. "If you have reached the final year of the contract because of the way it is designed, there are many clubs that can get that player for free.

"Because of not upgrading Aaron on time, we were in a situation where Aaron had incredible offers. He really wanted to stay with us and he was ready to make an effort, but at the end of the whole process we are responsible for ourselves and protect the interests of Arsenal.

"We realized that we would cause an imbalance that would have been very damaging because of the team."

It is not the first time that Arsenal has seen major players expire from their contracts. Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez were both about to leave last season for nothing, before the former signed a huge new contract and the latter was brought to Manchester United in a direct exchange for Henrikh Mkhitaryan.

Returning, Captain Robin Van Persie was sold to United in an advantageous deal with only 12 months to execute his contract, and Sanllehi is convinced that Ramsey & # 39; s will be the latter case, even if it means making the difficult decision to sell star players earlier.

"We must be responsible for the way we manage the club," he added. "One of the most important things for me – and I've seen it happen in other clubs – is to keep the team's rationality in the salary balance.

"At the end of the day, the problem was that we had reached the last year of the contract. If you really want to keep that player, you have to renew it earlier. If we can't get an extension for that, we might have to sell.

"The position of the club to lose a player of quality, not just football quality but also human quality, like Aaron – we have to prevent that."

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The British cities where you have the best chance of discovering an STD are revealed https://navva.org/malaysia/others/the-british-cities-where-you-have-the-best-chance-of-discovering-an-std-are-revealed/ Thu, 23 May 2019 22:12:05 +0000 https://navva.org/malaysia/others/the-british-cities-where-you-have-the-best-chance-of-discovering-an-std-are-revealed/

The cities where you have the best chance of catching an STD have been revealed – and it's bad news if you live in Cardiff or Glasgow.

The capital of Wales was named the worst city in the UK for sexual health just before the Scottish city.

    Cardiff is the city where you have the best chance of getting an STD

Getty – Contributor

Cardiff is the city where you have the best chance of getting an STD

2,368 Britons from 28 cities were asked about nine aspects of their sexual health.

11 percent of the people in Cardiff said they would not get an STD test after unprotected sex, while only 22 percent are wearing condoms.

The city also had the largest number of people who said they would not recognize the symptoms of an STD.

76 percent of the people interviewed in Edinburgh had never had an STD check, the highest on the list.

On the other hand, Bristol had the lowest number of people who have never been tested for an STD with 42 percent.

Only 17 percent of the Bristolians would wait until they had seen the symptoms to be checked.

The cities where you have the best chance of catching an STD

1. Cardiff

2. Glasgow

3. Belfast

4. Edinburgh

5. Leeds

6. Plymouth

7. Liverpool

8. Hull

9. Nottingham

10. Newcastle

The study, conducted by Medicine Direct, also showed that 32 percent of Britons do not receive STD checks because they do not believe they are at risk for STDs.

33 percent of adults said they were never taught about sexually transmitted infections in school.

Superintendent Pharmacist at Medicine Direct Hussain Abdeh said: "Our research has shown that people take a risk with their own health and that of others.

"Considering how easy it is to get your sexual health checked these days – whether through post-tests, sexual health clinics or your doctor – there is a real need for improvement within our sexually active population.

"It is worth remembering that some STDs, such as chlamydia, cannot have visible symptoms, but can be very harmful if they are not treated."

Personal consultations in sexual health clinics have fallen by 85,000.

The total number of contacts with sexual health services has fallen by 245,000 since 2015/16.

Public Health figures in England show that around 420,000 STDs were diagnosed in England in 2017.

    32 percent of Britons do not receive STD checks because they do not believe they are in danger

Getty – Contributor

32 percent of Britons do not receive STD checks because they do not believe they are in danger
Super gonorrhea is spreading across the UK

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Personally, I am also & # 39; uncomfortable & # 39; with travel ban https://navva.org/malaysia/others/personally-i-am-also-39-uncomfortable-39-with-travel-ban/ Fri, 17 May 2019 19:07:17 +0000 https://navva.org/malaysia/others/personally-i-am-also-39-uncomfortable-39-with-travel-ban/

The President of the National Higher Education Fund (PTPTN) Wan Saiful Wan Jan has emphasized that he, too, personally disagreed with the idea of ​​reducing the travel scam list for those who did not repay their student loans.

He said that he was & # 39; uncomfortable & # 39; felt the proposal, but also that he had to limit the renewal of his driving licenses. He emphasized that at no time did PTPTN say it had already decided on the issue.

"Frankly, I am also uncomfortable with the suggestion (to reintroduce the international travel ban and driver's license renewal for lenders), but again, I emphasize that these were only proposals from a discussion between PTPTN and certain groups during a round table discussion.

"We (PTPTN) have not said that we have decided completely on the issue because it is still in the discussion phase, it is just that people have misunderstood as if PTPTN is ready to implement (the limitations) based on a news portal report yesterday, "He was quoted by saying Berita Harian when reportedly met on the Arau campus of UiTM tonight.

He said that people should instead study the proposals and ideas of PTPTN on his site.

"If (they) disagree, they can comment on the prepared space," he added.

According to Berita Harian today, Wan Saiful also said that the company chose to discuss all suggestions received by stakeholders in public so that Malaysians would be aware of what had been discussed between PTPTN and a group of professionals.

PTPTN has arrived under fire since it became known, the fund considered a proposal to introduce a travel ban on loan defaulters.

This despite the allegation that PTPTN was only looking for feedback on various ideas put forward during public consultations on ways to improve loan repayments.

The travel ban was part of one 10 points stakeholder proposal, presented yesterday during a media broadcasting, which also included proposals to prevent defaulters from renewing their passports, driver's licenses, road taxes and business licenses; imposing mandatory wage deductions; stricter enforcement and the introduction of a guarantee system.

During the media briefing, Wan Saiful said that PTPTN collected feedback on the proposals to be submitted to the government for a final decision.

He also urged the public to submit their suggestions online through the Konsultasi Rakyat survey from today until 13 June.

PTPTN deputy CEO Mastura Mohd Khalid had since revealed that the travel ban was the most successful method to get back loans from defaulters.

The travel ban for PTPTN loan defaulters was abolished in June last year, with approximately 420,000 names being removed from the blacklist.

Removing the blacklist of defaulters from PTPTN was part of the Pakatan Harapan election promise, along with postponing repayments of PTPTN loans for borrowers earning less than RM4,000 per month.

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Daniel Martin, Jessica Alba defends Meghan Markle & # 39; s in the royal baby documentary of Gayle King https://navva.org/malaysia/others/daniel-martin-jessica-alba-defends-meghan-markle-39-s-in-the-royal-baby-documentary-of-gayle-king/ Fri, 17 May 2019 18:09:37 +0000 https://navva.org/malaysia/others/daniel-martin-jessica-alba-defends-meghan-markle-39-s-in-the-royal-baby-documentary-of-gayle-king/

Van Meaghan Wray

It was not easy for the
Duchess of Sussex, which has been negatively targeted by the press and online trolls since it was officially linked to it Prince Harry in 2016. But she has incredible friends who support her.

Pals of
Daniel Martin to Jessica Alba did exactly for what Gayle king& # 39; s upcoming royal baby documentary Harry and Meghan Plus One when they expressed their support for Meghan. The TV special will be broadcast on Friday (17 May) at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

In the
The trailer for TV documentary, Meghan & # 39; s makeup artist from wedding day Daniel, can be visibly hidden as he talks about her.

"She's still Meghan to me," he said, wiping away tears. "I know her so well, and she doesn't deserve all this negative press."

The artist, who attended Meghan's baby shower in New York City, referred to reports that the duchess is "difficult" and "showy."

Hundreds of millions of people around the world watched Harry and Meghan get married on May 18, 2018. Photo: © Getty Images

Both mother of three and Jessica
True Blood"S Janina Gavankar also appear in the documentary, and gushing about their royal friend as a "beacon of hope for many women there." These three famous faces are not the only major supporters of the former To grab star. Others like Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama and George Clooney have also expressed their love for Meghan and have been stunned by the bad press directed at her.

MORE: Michelle Obama has the best advice for Duchess Meghan

Oprah – who is joining forces with Prince Harry for a series of mental health with Apple that will fall this summer –
said she feels that Meghan is "unfairly portrayed" in the news. The 65-year-old arrived CBS This morning to discuss the mental health project and spoke to her royal friend earlier this year.

"I feel that if people really knew her, they would know that she is not only everything we think of her if she is gracious and dynamic in holding that position," she said. "But she just has a wonderful, warm, caring, loving heart … I think it's very unfair."

Amal and George attended the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan in May 2018. Photo: © Getty Images

In promoting his new TV series
Catch 22, closes industry friend George
compared the face of the dragging Meghan with the negativity that followed Princess Diana.

MORE: George Clooney personally flew Prince Harry and Meghan to Lake Como

"They just chase Meghan Markle everywhere, she has been chased and maligned," the father of two reporters said, Who magazine.

"She is a woman who is seven months pregnant and she has been chased and maligned and hunted in the same way as Diana and history repeats itself … We have seen how that ends," he said, referring to the deadly car crash that Prince Harry & # 39; s mother killed in 1997. Her driver then tried to escape from paparazzi.

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Petronas Chemical buys Da Vinci Group for RM760m | Malaysia https://navva.org/malaysia/others/petronas-chemical-buys-da-vinci-group-for-rm760m-malaysia/ Fri, 17 May 2019 17:10:49 +0000 https://navva.org/malaysia/others/petronas-chemical-buys-da-vinci-group-for-rm760m-malaysia/

Petronas Chemicals Group Bhd (PetChem) makes its raid on special chemicals with the purchase of Da Vinci Group BV.
Petronas Chemicals Group Bhd (PetChem) makes its raid on special chemicals with the purchase of Da Vinci Group BV.

KUALA LUMPUR, May 17 – Petronas Chemicals Group Bhd (PetChem) is making a trip to specialty chemicals with the purchase of Da Vinci Group BV.

PetChem has agreed to acquire a 100 percent participation of € 163 million (RM760 million) in the group of its shareholders, including funds managed by Bencis Capital Partner

Da Vinci is a private limited liability company based in the Netherlands with worldwide activities related to the resale, formulation and production of silicones, lubricants and chemicals.

Chief Executive Officer and Chief Executive Officer Datuk Sazali Hamzah said the acquisition is a strategic entry point for PetChem & # 39; s portfolio of specialty chemicals.

PetChem recently announced its next chapter of growth, which focuses on future strategic positioning in derivatives and specialty chemicals.

"The acquisition accelerates the realization of PCG's vision to create value by diversifying its product portfolio into differentiated and specialized chemicals," said Sazali.

Sazali said the Petronas Chemicals acquisition has enabled it to increase its competitiveness in attractive end markets, such as personal care, construction, paint & coatings, electronics, automotive and healthcare, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region.

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Juan Castillo confirms that he is leaving Chelsea this summer https://navva.org/malaysia/others/juan-castillo-confirms-that-he-is-leaving-chelsea-this-summer/ Fri, 17 May 2019 16:09:18 +0000 https://navva.org/malaysia/others/juan-castillo-confirms-that-he-is-leaving-chelsea-this-summer/

Chelsea midfielder Juan Castillo has confirmed on social media that he will leave the club this summer.

The Dutchman is out of contract at the end of the following month and has clearly decided not to close a new deal with Chelsea and instead look for a new club for next season.

Naomi Baker / Getty Images Sport "data-portal-copyright =" Naomi Baker / Getty Images Sport "data-image =" 6dao6w3k1x75 "/></p>
<p style=He made 21 appearances for Chelsea & # 39; s under-23 & # 39; s in the league last season, played in left and left midfield and also played four times in the EFL Trophy for the club.

Castillo joined Chelsea of ​​the famous Ajax academy in 2016, signed a three-year deal at the time and is now continuing with the next chapter in his career.

He has been covered by the Netherlands seven times at a level below 19 and is highly regarded, which means that it will be a blow to Chelsea to lose him at this point in his career.

Chelsea youngsters who can leave next season

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Chip splits cancer cells from blood for better analysis https://navva.org/malaysia/others/chip-splits-cancer-cells-from-blood-for-better-analysis/ Fri, 17 May 2019 15:06:04 +0000 https://navva.org/malaysia/others/chip-splits-cancer-cells-from-blood-for-better-analysis/

<! –

PETALING JAYA: A former assistant of a Perak PKR member of parliament filed a police report against him for alleged sexual harassment of her.

The police report stated that the MP had approached the former assistant with caresses and had even shown her a book about "Kamasutra" and porn images.

"From December 2018 to April 2019, I felt that his behavior had changed, where he would talk to me every time we met and over the phone like & # 39; ammu & # 39; and & # 39;

"His behavior deteriorated when he sent messages" ammu cyg "and" I love you "via WhatsApp every day," the woman said in her report.

She further said that she received up to 50 such messages on some days.

She said she resigned on December 29, and the MP had apologized to her and her husband, and promised not to repeat his actions.

She added that the MP told her husband that he still needed her services.

"At the end of April 2019, the MP called me and showed me the Kamasutra book, as well as porn images of women.

"I lost my temper and I told my husband who told me to resign immediately," the woman claimed.

She said she had also approached PKR party members who had advised the MP to stop, but the latter had not responded to advice.

The Member of Parliament mentioned in the police report was contacted by The star on Friday (May 17) but has yet to respond.

It is also believed that the MP had submitted a police report claiming that he had been "mentally tortured" by the former assistant.

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]]> Internet sensation Grumpy Cat dies after complications from urinary tract infection – Nation https://navva.org/malaysia/others/internet-sensation-grumpy-cat-dies-after-complications-from-urinary-tract-infection-nation/ Fri, 17 May 2019 13:04:05 +0000 https://navva.org/malaysia/others/internet-sensation-grumpy-cat-dies-after-complications-from-urinary-tract-infection-nation/

PETALING JAYA: The famous feline grumpy cat died.

The internet experience, which was seven years old, died on Tuesday (May 14) "at home in the arms of her mother, Tabatha."

According to a statement in a tweet from the official Grumpy Cat Twitter page, she died after complications from a recent urinary tract infection.

"Chagrijn experienced complications from a recent urinary tract infection that unfortunately was too heavy for her to overcome.

"Grumpy Cat has made millions of people around the world smile – even when times were tough," the statement said.

The famous feline, whose real name was Tardar Sauce, became an internet sensation in 2012 after photos of her acid expression appeared online.

Her image quickly spread like a meme.

She gained fame, thanks to her unique unhappy look – caused by an underbite and fierce dwarfism.

Grumpy Cat has traveled all over the world to make television appearances and even played a star in her own Christmas film in 2014.

"Her spirit will live everywhere," the statement added.

Many fans have taken Twitter and Instagram to share their condolences.

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KLCI closes the best day, volume shrinks for a long weekend – Business News https://navva.org/malaysia/others/klci-closes-the-best-day-volume-shrinks-for-a-long-weekend-business-news/ Fri, 17 May 2019 12:02:18 +0000 https://navva.org/malaysia/others/klci-closes-the-best-day-volume-shrinks-for-a-long-weekend-business-news/

KUALA LUMPUR: Blue chips ended the best of their day on Friday, while the trading volume for the long weekend shrank while the volatile trade conflict between the US and China continued to depress investor sentiment.

At 5 pm the FBM-KLCI increased by 6.17 points or 0.39% to 1,605.36. The intra-day high was 1607. Turnover and value fell below the two billion mark, the volume of shares traded amounted to 1.91 billion units and the value fell to just RM1.46 billion.

The market is closed on Monday for Wesak Day celebrations and resumes trading on Tuesday.

On the external front, the Chinese stock market closed lower, clocking the fourth consecutive weekly loss, largely as a result of re-escalating trade tensions when Washington Blacktech blacklisted Chinese technology company Huawei, Reuters reported.

The Shanghai Composite index fell by 2.5% and lost 1.9% for the week. The blue-chip CSI300 index also lost 2.5% and brought weekly losses to 2.2%.

The achievements of the KLCI were supported by Public Bank, Maybank, telco & # 39; s and Dialog, while Petronas Chemical and Tenaga collapse.

Public Bank rose 16 sen to RM22.42 and pushed the KLCI with 1.08 points, Maybank added four sen to RM9, AmBank and HL Bank two sen each to RM4.35 and RM5.74 while RHB Bank closed one sen higher to RM5.74.

Maxis took six sen to RM5.36 and Axiata four sen to RM4.44 while Digi was flat at RM4.65.

Oil rose faster to US $ 73 per barrel, supported by real and endangered supply disruptions in the Middle East and headed for a weekly profit, Reuters reported.

Dialog finished eight sen higher at RM3.30, Petronas Dagangan remained unchanged at RM24.52, Petronas Gas two sen lower at RM16.62 while Petronas Chemical lost four sen from RM8.80.

Of the consumer shares, BAT increased by 92 sen to RM34.10, Carlsberg 62 sen to RM24.86, F&N 30 sen to RM33.50 and Nestle 20 sen to RM145.50. Ajinomoto, however, lost 12 sen to RM17.40.

Other indexed stocks including MAHB climbed 14 sen to RM7.23, Press Metal five sen to RM4.30, Genting five sen to RM6.50 and GentingM two sen to RM3.14. Tenaga fell back six RM11.58 and abolished 0.6 from a point.

Among the poultry funds, Teo Seng fell nine sen to RM1.17 while Leong Hup closed below its bid price of RM1.10, three sen fell to RM1.07.

Crude palm oil remained unchanged at RM2.096 per tonne. Sime Plantation managed to recoup a small part of the recent losses, a rise of four sen to RM4.68, while KL Kepong also saw a four sen rise to RM24.16, IOI Corp one sen to RM4.21 while PPB Group flatten was on RM18. 56.

The ringgit weakened against the US dollar, but strengthened against the other major currencies. It fell 0.31% to the greenback to 4.1775. It rose 0.12% to the pound sterling at 5,391; added 0.11% to the euro to 4.66663 and gained 0.23% to the Singapore dollar to 3.0364.

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