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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate This year will not be the first Switch game with a piranha installation character. Mario Tennis Aces will actually beat it with a few days with the introduction of Petey Piranha as a playable character. All you have to do is participate in the December singles online tournament, and they can also use the true power of the piranha plant. Power is also really the name of the game when it comes to Petey; he is not the smartest character on the roster, but he is doing well with almost overwhelming force.

Just like Chain Chomp, Petey is a colossal beast of a character. As long as someone does not let himself be pulled out of position by his opponent, they should not have any problems keeping the ball in play. Petey also seems to have a very solid attacking game. In the right hands, his basic shots should be enough to keep an opponent in defense and his power shot looks like he can destroy anything but a perfectly blocked shot. In other words, this is a heavy plant. Look at him, he does not even have to use a racket! Hopefully that does not come back to biting other powerful characters like Bowser. It is one thing to break a racket, but a sheet? Ouch.

Petey Piranha joins the Mario Tennis Aces schedule starts on 1 December and remains available until 31 December. Players must play at least once during that period in the online singles tournament to unlock it.

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Fortnite Update Coming soon, May change Pump Shotgun Mon, 26 Nov 2018 23:43:18 +0000

The next Fortnite update will be coming soon. Epic Games has announced that the v6.31 update will arrive on Tuesday, November 27th, with the expected outage of the server starting at 2 a.m. PT / 5 AM ET / 10 AM GMT / 8 PM AEST.

Epic did not provide a complete list of changes that were included with this update, but the text and capitalization of the developer's statement contain some clues. The "pump up" entry is probably a reference to the Pump Shotgun, which is a legendary weapon in the game. According to FortniteIntel, the update will improve the effectiveness of the rifle by increasing the damage to the nearby quarter of the region and reducing the damage within the range.

The Fortnite in-game news feed shots that Epic and Legendary variants of the Pump Shotgun will come soon, along with new outfits.

Epic wrote on Reddit and said it is also looking to solve a bug where players can still walk around the battlefield, even if they are eliminated. "We will get a solution as soon as we can," Epic said.

No caption present

Tuesday's Fortnite update is the biggest since last week's Update 6.30 with a new weapon, the Dynamite stick, and a temporary mode called Wild West. Another new weapon, the Ghost Pistol, was added to the Save the World mode.

In other news, Ralph from the Wreck-It Ralph film series of Disney recently appeared in Fortnite as part of an unpublished Easter egg to promote the new movie Ralph Breaks The Internet.

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Apple iPhone XR prices are falling in Japan as rumors of slow sales performance Mon, 26 Nov 2018 23:29:35 +0000

Japanese Apple fans will soon be able to get the iPhone XR at a reduced price; new NTT DOCOMO customers can save around $ 100 during the term of their subscription. The price reduction is part of the Apple rumor plan to reduce the production of the iPhone model in 2018.

Earlier, the iPhone XR 64 GB with a 24-month NTT DOCOMO customer contract cost ¥ 36,000 JPY (more than $ 315 USD). Now the device calls ¥ 24,000 (about $ 211), excluding mandatory contract costs. Many new NTT DOCOMO customers can block a full iPhone XR 64GB contract package for ¥ 7,000 yen ($ 62) per month.

iphone xr color variation

NTT DOCOMO is one of the largest mobile providers in Japan and serves more than 53 million customers. It is assumed that its competitors, SoftBank Group and KDDI, are also starting to offer iPhone XR at a reduced price. There is currently no word about whether the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are also available for a discount.

The 2018 iPhone models from Apple have reportedly not been as popular as previous devices. Earlier this month, Apple reportedly told three different suppliers of iPhone XR to reduce their expectations for orders. Apple has also told its major suppliers, Foxconn and Pegatron, to stop any additional iPhone XR production lines. Apple has probably also lowered production orders for the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. In general, the iPhone XS Max has spent too much on both the iPhone XS and the iPhone XR despite the higher price tag. All in all, however, the reception has been lukewarm.

iphone xr blue black and white

Other iPhone models also sell like hot cakes. Japanese customers are reportedly buying large quantities of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Nearly 50% of Japanese smartphone users choose Apple devices.

Price is probably the biggest deterrent for Apple customers. The iPhone XS is intended for those who want a more luxurious device, but the less expensive counterparts are still pretty pricey. The latest iPhone models start at $ 749 USD and go up to $ 1,449. In contrast, you could build a 64 GB iPhone 8 Plus for $ 699.

The iPhone XR is the cheapest 2018 model, but the repairs can also be quite expensive. If you do not have AppleCare +, a one-screen replacement will cost $ 199. Many consumers simply do not buy Apple CEO Tim Cook's argument that the hefty price tag is justified. Customers generally opt for the older, cheaper models and this preference is currently being reflected in the Japanese market.

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LG patent hints at a 16-lens smartphone camera Mon, 26 Nov 2018 23:16:07 +0000

Telephone cameras are an arms race of types and LG may want to dramatically escalate things with a future phone that 16 lenses, via LetsGoDigital.

Multiple lenses on cameras is not exactly new – last year we broke two and three rear-lens phones into the mass market, along with rumors of a larger device with five Nokia lenses and even a potential nine-camera smartphone prototype of the multi-lens start-up light. But the LG patent seems even more to go, with a full range of 16 cameras.

Unlike most systems with multiple cameras, including LG V40 ThinQ, which offers different types of camera lenses for different effects on the same picture, the purpose of the multiple cameras seems to offer different angles on a scene using the perspective of the different lenses.

The LG patent also describes combining the different camera angles to make a miniature film, a kind of super-powerful version of things like Apple's Live Photos or the adjustable light field images of Lytro. The patent also claims that it would be able to use the different datasets of the different lenses to remove things from the image (for example, for things like portrait mode or even to completely replace a background).

Of course, this is for the time being only a patent, without indication that LG is planning to put this in a telephone. But with the always escalating battle to push the cameras to the limit, it can only be a matter of time until the hexadecimal camera is a reality.

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Putting Huawei's Mate 20 Pro to the Ultimate Battery Test Mon, 26 Nov 2018 22:46:11 +0000

Here's a scenario you're probably familiar with: It's late afternoon, you're having a productive day, when you realize your phone's battery is almost dead. You have another 30 minutes at work before your meeting friends for an evening out. What do you do?

By now you've heard about Huawei's latest flagship, the Mate 20 Pro, which was recently launched with great fanfare in London. It's a seriously impressive handset that packs a bunch of class-leading features, including a triple rear camera co-developed with Leica, a Face-like depth sensing front camera, an in-display fingerprint sensor, and the first 7-nanometer chip on any Android phone. But it's the battery tech that really stands out, thanks to some leading edge specs.

First, the Mate 20 Pro incorporates a 4200mAh battery. That's a big cell, considering the size of the device. For comparison, Samsung's Galaxy S9 + uses a 3500mAh battery in a body that's almost exactly the same dimensions. Sure, there are other Android flagships out there with 4000+ mAh cells, but it's mostly larger devices. This is also what you can get when you're a 20 Pro in the first place.

Then there's charging speed. While iPhones ship with a 5W charger, Huawei's leg putting 25W SuperCharge tech in its top handsets for a while now. It's fast, but the Mate 20 Pro features the company's new 40W SuperCharge tech, which is even quicker. A 30-minute session with the supplied 40W charger results in a whopping 70 percent batch. Compare this to the previous champ, the OnePlus 6, which charges to 50 percent in 30 minutes. In the above scenario, you can work with a well-charged Mate 20 Pro.

Wireless charging is fast becoming standard on these days and Huawei is bringing an exciting new twist. The Mate 20 Pro features 15W Wireless Quick Charge, which is still pretty rare among Qi-enabled devices, and charges up to 12 percent in 10 minutes or 30 percent in 30 minutes. That's nice, but what's really going on up the party is Wireless Reverse Charging. Yes, your Mate 20 Pro also turns into a Qi-enabled wireless charger, so you can share some of that battery with your iPhone and Galaxy toting friends.

So, what makes this amazing battery tech possible? For the Mate 20 Pro, Huawei's patented a new lithium-ion battery that uses nitrogen-doped carbon and silicon materials in the anode instead of the usual graphite. This allows better lithium-ion migration, which increases cell density, enables faster charging, and improves battery life. It's also safer, and the entire systemTÜV Rheinland Safety Certified, which is one of the highest safety standards in the world.

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Quickly create a click-inducing AdWords ad copy Mon, 26 Nov 2018 22:43:47 +0000

You lose potential customers and you do not even know it.

How? By using a bad copy on Google AdWords. Google AdWords is one of the most trusted and trusted ad networks on the internet. 77.8 percent of US search advertising revenue streams through Googleand the seeking colossus does not slow down.

Google has recently made some changes to AdWords that offer space for customizing expanded text ads. Of course, using this network effectively is one of the most important components to grow your business.

We have seen the benefits of it good AdWords copyand we've seen how bad copying can drag a business. Every time I search for something on Google, I see an ad that frustrates me because the copy does not do what it is supposed to do: make sure that I take action. And it is not designed to be so difficult!

Great AdWords copy is the key to your content marketing campaign.

With a better copy, your Quality Score rises, reducing your costs and allowing you to see more eyeballs. Here are some of my own tips for creating AdWords copy with click-inducing:

Link your landing page and URL to your ad text

One of the keys to raising your Quality Score with AdWords is to ensure that your ad is being copied matches the copy of your landing page. Lack of consistency is absolute killer of conversions, regardless of the context.

If you advertise with free shipping and you send your prospect to a landing page that does not even mention it, this has failed, no matter how good the copy on that page is. Regardless of the message in your ad, it must match the message on the page to which you are sending the customer.

Think about your ad because you extend the benefit and your landing page. Both have to depend on the same central theme, which means they must be optimized for the same keyword.

At the same time, put together your copy of the landing page and your AdWords copy, preferably with the same person working on both. That way you can optimize consistency and both will have the same tone and keywords.

Do not use dynamic keyword insertion

If you do not know what Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) is, this is a technology that allows Google to enter the exact keywords that the customer is looking for in your ad text. The problem is that it does not seem like it is usually a good way to go.

Look, here is the thing: DKI sounds great in theory.

You can show your customer exactly what he is looking for: what should not be fun? But in practice it can actually hinder your advertising creativity, which has exactly the opposite effect of what you are trying to do.

High-performing AdWords ads avoid DKI as much as possible.

This can be surprising, because it is such a general tactic, but the fact that the very best ads do not use it makes it more of a kind stop for a mediocre copy than an integral tool. Avoid lazy solutions and adjust your own copy.

Use SKAG for your AdWords copy

Yes, it's time to talk with bolts and nuts. And personally I am a fan of the SKAG (Single Keyword Ad Group) method for making copies.

Google recommends five to twenty keywords per group, but this does not really seem to be the most effective way to reach customers. You only have a small amount of space in an AdWords text ad and making all the suggested keywords in the same ad fit is almost impossible.

You will also encounter problems that are relevant because it is almost impossible to get twenty keywords that are coherent with good ad text.

Instead of trying to stuff a bunch of keywords that do not really fit together in a small, tight space, you need to focus on taking one keyword and optimizing it. Some keyword ad groups increased the clickthrough rate 28.1 percent in two months in a study.

This is how it works:

  • Find your best producing keywords. Check your search terms and order them based on conversions to determine which ones are most effective. You can take the best of them and use them for the next step. If you do not have a list yet, take a look how to use the Keyword Planner to get a head start.
  • Add each keyword to its own ad group. Use exact matches, phrase search, and broad match keywords for each match.
  • Create ads that use the exact keyword. Use the SKAG keyword in both your header and your page URL. Be consistent with your landing page, as discussed earlier.

If you have this section well, writing the copy is easier. Speaking of writing the copy:

Be on benefits in your copy

It sounds like a good idea, but you would be shocked at how many people I have treated who do not understand this. When you write an AdWords copy, keep in mind that the average attention span is only eight seconds.

That's not much.

If you do not offer something that keeps an eye on the reader, why should they pay attention?

What does benefits-oriented mean?

  • What do I bring to the table that my competitors do not? If you perform a competitive analysis on a regular basis, you should have a good idea – and if you do not, why are not you? Go and arrange that first. Perhaps you are an e-commerce platform that offers more attitude to new customers than your competitors. Or maybe you are a coffee shop that transports varieties that no other store does. Whatever it is, find what you do and they do not do it.
  • Be specific. There are a thousand advertisers who say: "Free!" And "Save!" And "Buy now!" Some of those ads will get good results even with a sub-optimal copy. But the best copy is specific – for example, "33 percent off your next order" or "five percent interest rates." Use figures and cold hard facts like your powerful words. Use A / B testing to find what works best.

Use emotional attraction

According to award-winning sales blogger and author Geoffrey James, purchase decisions always result from a change in emotional state. He quotes six main emotions to stimulate sales:

  • GreedI will be rewarded for taking a decision now.
  • Fear: If I do not make a decision now, something bad will happen.
  • Altruism: My decision will now help others.
  • Envy: My competitors will win if I do not make a decision now.
  • Pride: I will look smart to make this decision now.
  • Shame: If I do not take this decision now, I'll look stupid.

If you want to know which of these is the most emotionally attractive for your audience, you must have prepared market research beforehand. You only have eight seconds. You have to call on the intestine.

Look at every successful advertisement there is – there can be concrete information that anchors the emotional appeal, but to attract attention, a successful advertisement must trigger emotion.

Flat, faint ads do not get clicks.

Always use a powerful call-to-action

You have concentrated on one keyword and you give the benefits and use emotional appeal to attract attention. What's next?

Your potential customer is busy – you have to set it up.

If you give them nothing to do, they will not continue. Do not forget your call to action. You need a snappy sentence to end your ad and make sure they click through to your landing page.

This is what you need:

  • A strong command verb. Buy, shop, download, subscribe, discover. Quick note: avoid "click". In my experience this is not very good at causes conversions. It is not strong enough. Strong command words are not difficult to find and if you have problems to sort them out, the internet is full of examples and lists.
  • Emotion-provocative language. Exclamation marks are surprisingly useful here, so you see them everywhere. Integration power words helps too.
  • Give them a reason. Why would they do this?
  • Create urgency. While you can, now, today, here. Adding urgency increases the chance that you actually get a click.

See how the clicks come in

After you have made the copy, your work has not yet been completed. You must run A / B testing, exclude keywords that do not work, and participate in all maintenance associated with a thriving AdWords account.

It takes a lot of work – believe me, I know.

I did it myself.

But now you know how to attract the attention of a few wandering eyeballs and it turns into a conversion. With these click-inducing AdWords copy tips, you are well on your way to a more effective advertising strategy and a healthier bottom line.

This message is part of our contribution series. The opinions expressed are from the author and not necessarily shared by TNW.

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Leak reveals that Intel's 9th generation laptop processors could soon be available Mon, 26 Nov 2018 22:26:20 +0000

  1. Leak unveils Intel's nine-generation laptop processors could soon appear Digital Trends
  2. Intel Comet Lake CPU rumors, 10-core mainstream chips Game Revolution
  3. Intel working on 10-Core Chip Comet processors planned for 2019 TechLector (blog)
  4. Full coverage

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Cyber ​​Monday 2018: save on 4K HDR televisions, video games and more at Best Buy Mon, 26 Nov 2018 21:12:52 +0000

Best Buy keeps the deals going for Cyber ​​Monday, which combines some fresh additions with some familiar faces from the Black Friday celebration.

Instead of mentioning every product discounted at Best Buy, we have selected by hand what we think are the best options, including our favorite 4K HDR TV for the lowest price so far, Samsung's wireless charger with two charging points and a Nintendo Exchange of deal. And if you want something to be sent quickly, all purchases made before December 25th will be sent free.

We will add and remove items to show what is currently available and what the best price is. So make sure you go back to this The edge for the latest deals. Bold items are items that we think are particularly good deals.

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Nab Cyber ​​Monday Deals on Chromecast, Google Home Devices News and opinion Mon, 26 Nov 2018 21:09:13 +0000

If you're looking for an affordable way to stream video, listen to music on demand or operate your smart home with your voice, these Walmart Google Cyber ​​Monday deals are hard to beat. Chromecasts, Home Minis and Home Hubs are all for sale, but these discounts do not last long.

  • Google Home Mini Smart Speaker, Chromecast and $ 15 Vudu Movie Credit for $ 45 at Walmart (MSRP: $ 74): With just $ 45, this bundle is an incredible value for new users. Enjoy a voice controlled smart speaker, a Chromecast that can be controlled with the Home Mini and a $ 15 credit for digital movies.
  • Google Home Hub Smart Display and $ 10 Vudu Credit for $ 99 at Walmart (MSRP: $ 149): Smart speakers are fun, but sometimes a screen is needed to get information quickly. Not only can you save $ 50 on this smart screen on the Home Hub, but you'll receive a $ 10 credit for the Walmart streaming service.
  • Google Home Mini Smart Speaker and GE C-Life Smart Bulb for $ 31 at Walmart (MSRP: $ 55): Smart speakers are able to offer so much more than just playing music or answer questions about trivia. Unpack this Home Mini- and smart lamp bundle with a 43 percent discount and you can start the transition to a voice-controlled smart home.
  • Google Chromecast Ultra 4K streaming media player for $ 49 at Walmart (MSRP: $ 69): If you have a 4K television, you want to take full advantage of this 4K Chromecast Ultra. Stream full 4K video directly from your phone or laptop.
  • Google Chromecast Audio Wi-Fi streaming adapter for $ 15 at Walmart (MSRP: $ 35): Invest in this little gadget and you can stream your favorite music to almost any device that accepts 3.5 mm aux cables.

Note: Terms and conditions apply.

For more great Cyberweek deals visit our partners at

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How Red Dead Online could win me back Mon, 26 Nov 2018 20:29:47 +0000

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a disappointment. After a few hours with the cowboy simulator, I think it's an admirable creation, but I do not enjoy playing it. Now developer Rockstar Games is preparing to launch the Red Dead Online mode tomorrow on November 27th in a beta test and I hope all over again.

Rockstar has still not shown many details about Red Dead Online. So I think most people are under the impression that it is GTA Online with horses. That has some attraction, but it is not enough to bring me back. I also want Rockstar to make some substantial improvements to the underlying foundations of both Red Dead Redemption 2 and the GTA Online infrastructure.

Snappier controls

Red Dead Redemption 2 has an archaic and complicated control scheme. I also have no expectation that Rockstar will do anything to remedy that. If it has done very little to modernize the controls since Grand Theft Auto IV. My assumption is that the developer thinks the scheme is okay as it is.

But I do expect Rockstar to improve the input lag.

The delay between moving the analog joystick and when Arthur Morgan starts moving in Red Dead is very noticeable. EA Motive animator Dan Lowe posted a video on Twitter and studied that delay, and he noticed that it was considerably higher than comparable games. This makes everything in Red Dead Redemption 2 slow or "deliberate" when you are generous.

But if a slow movement is annoying in a game for one player, the poison is for an online experience. If you die because you can not get your character out of the horse quickly enough, you get frustrated.

Faster loading times and better organization

I have not played a lot of GTA Online, and that is for a few reasons. Most striking is that the loading times kill the stimulation. I also think it is difficult to find reliable content outside the robbery. And even the robbery often feels broken, because if you do not have a full crew of four players, you have to rely on the notoriously poisonous and fickle Rockstar community.

For Red Dead Online I would like to see much less loading times. When I see them, I hope they are shorter than what you get in GTA Online. And most importantly, a lengthy loading screen should not put me back in the game for one player if Red Dead Online can not find any opponents to adjust me, something that GTA Online actually does.

Rockstar must also do something about how it brings out the different game types. In GTA Online you can search lists of different modes, but these lists contain almost no data to help you understand exactly what you want to deal with. Red Dead Online could use something like a more detailed community tagging system to deal with that.

And then I hope that Rockstar will reread the experience to do multiplayer raids or whatever the Red Dead equivalent is. In GTA Online you can not start certain Heist missions unless you have four players. And if one of your four players ends, you automatically fail the quest. The developer has done some work to reduce those requirements. For example, you can perform some of the most recent Heist missions as a squadron for two players. Hopefully Rockstar will continue to move in that direction.

Better systems for interaction with the world and other players

Finally, I want Red Dead Online to keep the promise of the world of Red Dead Redemption 2.

One of my biggest problems with the single player experience is that every moment contains a script. I never got the idea that Rockstar was transferring control of his systems to me so that I could go out and create my own pleasure. So that's what I want from Red Dead Online.

If this multiplayer mode is just a way to go out and do scripted missions with friends, you can unsubscribe me. But if Rockstar gives me ways to become creative, I am very interested.

For example, can I run a security racket in a city with my gang? And should I just go out and shoot a rival crew trying to mess with my stores, or can I easily ambush against them by placing a juicy, broken-off carriage outside their camp?

It does not have to work exactly like that, but I want some freedom to become creative. And this is Rockstar's chance to transfer that to us.

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