46 stores and 100 "pickups"

This Thursday, Walmart Chile held its traditional Supplier Summit as part of the international event & # 39; Holiday Meeting & # 39;

In his speech, general manager Horacio Barbeito said that we as a company "experience the biggest change in our history", because of the series of projects and initiatives that the brand wants to position itself in the retail "of the future".

Part of these initiatives is the portfolio of projects by 2020, which includes the opening of 46 stores in different formats, as well as 100 new pickups – online shopping and removal of shops – in addition to a hundred renovations and the reconversion of the Ekono house in Líder Express.

It also includes the opening of the El Peñón distribution center, which could be operational in the second half of 2019.

In addition, the expansion of the perishable network, a new meat factory and innovation projects are being considered.

Regarding the growth of the last mile system (Conershop, Líder.cl and pickups), Barbeito said that in some shops it already represents a quarter of the store's turnover, so "we believe that Chile is at the forefront of Latin America will stand. "

The Suppliers Summit was special guest Enrique Ostalé, vice-president of the Latin American, African and United Kingdom company, who called for "reinvesting the retail of the future.

In addition, several suppliers were recognized, including Pablo Devoto, CEO of Nestlé Chile, with the price for the trajectory, for more than 30 years in the company.

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