Banco Santander supplies reusable bags throughout the country

Generate awareness about it Indigenous animals threatened with extinction and support the term of plastic bags disposable in the country is the purpose of the initiative of Banco Santander, Which delivers more than 4 million reusable bags for free and printed with illustrations made by Vuelvo al Sur.

These are the Monito del Monte, the Fox Chilote, the Gato Güiña, the hummingbird of Juan Fernández and the Huemul, animals that are seriously threatened and that are the "faces" of the bags that since August 20, they are gradually being delivered in work / café offices and bank branches throughout the country.

to Consuelo Alvear, Leader of Sustainability of Banco Santander, the commitment to the environment must go beyond what the responsibility of the company is, because "Our mission is to contribute to people's progress and that also happens to take care of our planet and preserve it for future generations. "

"That is why we support initiatives that enable us to move from the disposable to the recyclable culture", explains the executive. Santander "We are developing projects with which we can take care of our waste In order to contribute to caring for the planet, these actions take into account the efficiency in the use of water, paper and the final disposal of electronic waste ".

"For example, in two years' time, it consumed 58% less water in the business premises, 14% of the paper consumption and 4% electricity, to which even more progress has been added in the e-waste process," he added.

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The bags can be removed from August 20.

The animals that show the bags Santander are illustrations by Vuelvo al Sur, entrepreneurship of the publicist Francisco Calquín and Colombian designer and photographer Milena Rodríguez.

"It is an honor to participate in a project that will reach so many people and emphasize species of Chilean fauna threatened with extinction as a way to raise awareness about their care and conservation," says Calquín.

Once the recyclable bags of Banco Santander they fulfill their useful life, they can be left at any clean point or brought to the branches, recycled and used for a new use.

The bags are of large boutique sizes, with seamless automatic sealing, a certified resistance of 30 kilos and each replaces about 200 disposable plastic units.

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