"Be honest" is paid on the stock market: the Tesla case

"Companies are undoubtedly very careful about what their spokespersons say, under what circumstances, in what context and to whom they say.Do not know how to make such statements, usually affects the image of the company, and this can money costs, "he said. Raúl Ávila, professor in companies of the National University.

What the professor says explains what happened to last week Elon Musk, founder of Tesla (leading company in the development of cars & # 39; s working with electricity). Musk referred in an interview with The New York Times to how "unbearable" management and business tensions have become (see parentheses).

The manager described that newspaper how tiring it is to work as the head of the company and how difficult it is to spend whole days in the factory. According to the publication Musk had weeks in which he worked up to 120 hours.

Well, the comments from the founder of Tesla felt critically in the pockets of the company and its shareholders. At the end of last Friday, the company's securities, listed on the New York Stock Exchange, had a total

Only last Friday the office felt the tail of the founder's interview. The shares closed at a price of $ 305.50 on August 17, which represented a significant drop of 8.93%.

And it is that the market of actions strongly punishes this kind of phenomena. Just look at what happened in February of this year, then the model Kylie Jenner trilled: "Is there someone next to me who does not open Snapchat or are I just?" Ugh, this is so sad. "That message caused the action of Snapchat to drop 6%, causing him to lose $ 1300 million. in Wall Street.

"Normally, listed companies know very well how to communicate, what messages should be given and under what circumstances, since the most minimal misunderstood or misinterpreted message ultimately significantly affects companies' finances, especially when it comes to those who they are not found in such volatile markets, "Raúl Ávila added.

The analyst also refers to Tesla, because it is in a market such as the assembly and sale of vehicles that work with electricity, a company that gets attention above the ordinary. "That's why investors are either motivated to buy or are very scared when there are such reactions," Avila added.

It is a seductive business, as evidenced by the fact that traditional oil nations such as Saudi Arabia are making investments to be potentially strong in the market. That country, which started in 2018, ensured that it would invest $ 7 billion for the development of non-traditional incinerators.

A message that Musk posted via his Twitter account on 7 August was the highest point in the crisis in which the company appears to be suffering. The manager hinted that one of the plans would be if Tesla would stop trading on the stock market if the price per share were to continue to fall.

But why does Tesla go through a bad sip despite a potentially attractive market? The reason, as the same company has said, is a production problem that prevents them from meeting the delivery times.

Tesla & # 39; s Model 3, the most economical version of the company, and vehicle with which it is expected to gain more market, has serious shortcomings in terms of production. Although it was expected that this would hit the 5 thousand cars, the company could only meet about two thousand cars.

This last number is vital. The company needs more market, but the high prices of its vehicles were an obstacle. The costs are approximately 102 million pesos (Model 3) and amount to 346 million.

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