Chilean dinosaur fossils will be exhibited in Aysén

Miguel Ángel Calisto, deputy member of the Aysén region, said that after several negotiations and meetings with the Secretary of State for Heritage, Emilio de la Cerda will finally exhibit one of the three fossils discovered in the country of Chilesaurus (Chilesaurus Diegosuarezi). permanent road in the Regional Museum of Aysén, in Coyhaique, from December.

The information was confirmed, together with the Seremi de Cultura de Aysén, Margarita Ossa, and the team of the Museum of Natural History, led by David Rubilar in the Committee on Culture of the Chamber of Deputies.

Presently, the Museum of Natural History preserves the dinosaur's holotype (the original fossil), as well as other remains found later (called paratypes), some of which will travel to the south of Chile.

"It is an important signal for the country, because the dissertation wins that the heritage must return to the area where they were discovered, for us the Aysenians are very important because it allows us to develop a pool of scientific, palaeontological and tourist development. generate Coyhaique to the area of ​​Mallín Grande in the basin of the General Carrera Lake where it was discovered, "explains Calisto.

"We are very pleased that the supervisor has welcomed our proposal, which was also supported by the members of the culture committee," he added.

The Chilesaurus was discovered in the area of ​​Mallín Grande, in the basin of the lake General Carrera – in the Aysén region – in 2004 by Diego Suárez, a seven year old boy, son of the director of the geology of the U. Andrés Bello Manuel Suárez.

The species, which at that time belonged to tetanus theropods during the Jurassic period, is about 145 million years old and is one of the most important paleontological findings in the country, as the species marks the transition between herbivores and carnivores.

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