Clean and sustainable energy through solar thermal energy

The SolTech Energy system, is a Swedish innovation that allows you to save costs in heating, to generate clean and sustainable energy by means of thermal solar energy, with transparent glass solar panels, which are also visually beautiful and will make your roof unique.

It is worth noting that in recent years people have increasingly opted for more environmentally friendly alternatives, and the idea of ​​getting solar heating, for example, can be both efficient and elegant with these solar charge tiles. This combination of technology and ecology is part of the change that we need. This tile does not need a bright sun to function normally.

SolTech Energy is the system to create clean and sustainable energy through thermal solar energy.

The basis of the tiles is black nylon, which absorbs heat and passes it on to the air that circulates under the tiles and heats them. The air is led to a heat accumulator and used for heating or hot water. Tiles therefore do not heat water, but clean air. The system generates approximately 350 kWh of heat per square meter, depending on the climate.

These solar panels are made of glass and weigh the same as clay tiles, so there is no extra load on the structure of the building, it is worth mentioning that glass is easy to produce and recycle, the useful life of this material is higher than the clay or the concrete. Glass tiles are another option to save energy and money at the same time.

Clean and sustainable energy.

It can be used to cover open and closed spaces, allowing it to fulfill a dual function of protection and capture of solar radiation.

It can be used to replace any roof, to cover or darken open spaces, to cover sports fields or swimming pools and even to close terraces or open spaces in indoor gardens, restaurants, golf clubs, hotels and other outdoor areas. free.

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