ExpoCamacol provides more than $ 250 million in doing business

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More than 250 million dollars are expected to be generated as a result of the companies that will take place at ExpoCamacol 2018, the most important trade fair for the construction industry in Latin America, which will be held in Medellín, Colombia from 22 to 25 January. August.

For more than 40 years, the event of the Colombian building chamber (Camacol) has been about to bring together the most recognized and leading companies in the value chain of construction in North and South America.

For this edition, there are more than 400 companies from 20 countries, including Colombia, Germany, United States, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Portugal and Spain.

10 Mexican companies will participate, including Cemex Colombia, Urrea, Cercasel, Simón and Metalaer.

Germany is the guest of honor at ExpoCamacol 2018, which was characterized by its history, innovation and leadership in the building sector in the world. There are 16 German companies that will be present in the commercial sample, and they will also offer lectures in the academic component of the fair.

For this edition ExpoCamacol has a commercial exhibition of over 24 thousand square meters, consisting of 11 pavilions of Plaza Mayor Medellin, where participants find products and supplies for the construction, such as prefabricated concrete, metal structures, paints, waterproofing, furniture, floors, swimming pools, playgrounds, heavy machinery, among others.

The thematic axes of the 2018 technical construction meeting are sustainable construction, innovation, technical regulations and current regulations, good practices in construction, structures and resistance to earthquakes and prefabricated.

The Innovation Showcase will be one of the highlights of the fair, with 89 products and services from 65 companies that make an important contribution to the construction sector. In addition, entrepreneurs get the chance to witness these innovations and identify how they can generate value within their company.

One of the biggest attractions of ExpoCamacol 2018 is the opportunity that it offers the actors of the industry to establish relationships, strengthen relationships and realize business during and after the fair.

ProColombia, responsible for promoting tourism, trade and investment, is one of the strategic allies who, through the mission of buyers and business circles, will promote business between Colombian and international business people.

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