Francisco Garza Egloff leaves the general management of Arca Continental from 1 January 2019

Francisco Garza Egloff leaves the general management of Arca Continental from 1 January 2019

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

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Arca Continental, one of the largest Coca-Cola bottlers in the world, has announced that its CEO, Francisco Garza Egloff, after a journey of almost 16 years in the company, has chosen to retire, which will be effective from 1 January 2019, that is why Arturo Gutirrez Hernndez, current deputy general manager, holds the position from that date.

"It was a privilege for us as a board, and especially for me, to have the dedication, perseverance and talent of Pancho, which has undoubtedly been an instrument for the profitable growth we have achieved as a company over the years, always the hand of our employees and as a good example of the human and institutional values ​​that distinguish us, "said Manuel Barragn Morales, Chairman of Arca Continental's Board of Directors.

"One of the highest priorities of the Board was the development of his talent as a fundamental axis of the positive evolution of the organization, for which we are certain that the integration of Arturo Gutirrez into the overall leadership of this great company, with its deep knowledge and business vision, to be of fundamental importance to continue to strengthen us in all areas and companies in which we participate ", added Barragn.

Through a statement the bottler emphasized that Arca Continental "during the management of Francisco Garza Egloff" managed to double its turnover profitably every 5 years, supported by strong organic growth, as well as in a constant geographic expansion and in other companies, ranging from a regional player in Mexico until present in five countries, the last of which is the first Latin American bottler to operate a franchise in the United States, Texas and parts of Oklahoma, Arkansas and New Mexico. "

Garza Egloff thanked the employees at Arca Continental for "their constant commitment and professionalism" to achieve the set goals. "I recognize the trust and leadership of the Board of Directors, in particular President Manuel L. Barragn, who have been fundamental to what we are today as an organization, which I am certain is that with Arturo's leadership will achieve ever more and better goals ", I added.

Garza Egloff continues to work as a member of Arca Continental's board of directors, as well as vice president of the company's Food and Snack Board to promote growth in this industry.

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