Fuel prices will rise significantly

The National Petroleum Company (ENAP) reported the variation in the prices of fuels that will be registered from this Thursday, which will record a strong increase in comparison with last week, pronounced from 23 to 29 August.

According to the company, the liter of 93 octane gasoline will rise +5.7 pesos, with a value of 750.7 pesos as reference.

In the meantime, that of 97 octanes will record an increase of +2.9 pesos and reach 765.4 pesos per liter.

The diesel rises to 536.5 pesos per liter, which means +5.7 pesos more than the previous week.

Also the kerosene will be the one that will record a larger increase of +11.8 pesos, with a remaining value of $ 509.97

Finally, the liquid gas remains at 277.5 pesos, because it will record an increase of +3.6 pesos compared to the previous week.

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