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The e-commerce company Groupon Peru has announced the transition process to a new brand: Peixe. This is part of a strategy to have the same brand in all Latin American operations, following a series of improvements that are being implemented.

In 2017, Groupon Latam and Peixe Urbano, the largest platform for local offers in Brazil, were taken over by the Mountain Nazca investment fund.

Under the concept of a more dynamic and agile brand, the company is being renewed with the aim to offer users and partners a better experience, to draw strength from the region and to maximize the growth opportunities in the country.

The transition will take place gradually and first there will be a change from Groupon to Groupon. Powered by Peixe, Groupon Peixe, Peixe.

"When we think about our users and partners, we want to make the process of gradually and gradually changing the brand possible," says Felix Lulion, CEO of the company.

"The company will continue to operate normally with vertical services, products and travel, and with great attention to technological development, allowing users to find the best deals and experiences in incredible things to do, see, eat, buy and travel," Felix explains. .

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