Increase in sales and store openings increase profits in the second quarter

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Empresas Tricot achieved a consolidated net result of $ 5,199 million in the second quarter, an increase of 15.9% compared to $ 4,486 million in the same period of 2017. With this result, it reached a profit of $ 8,357 in the first half of the year. million, an increase of 14% compared to the profit of the first half of last year.

In the second quarter of 2018, the ordinary turnover was $ 47,096 million, higher than the same period of the previous year by 12.5%; presentation of increases in the Retail and Financial segments.

Sales in the retail segment increased by 11.0% in the second quarter compared to the second quarter

of 2017, partly as a result of the increase in sales to comparable stores (SSS) by 4.0% and the opening of stores that contributed 7.0%.

The revenues of the financial segment increased by 17.2% compared to the same period of the previous year. It fits

Note that in May 2017 a process of increasing quotas was started, which led to an increase in the placement

cash advances and increased use of the Visa Tricot card in stores connected to the Transbank network,

This opening generated that the sale of goods using the Visa Tricot card in Tricot stores will show a decrease of 4.2% of the credit turnover in the quarter.

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Sales in the semester amounted to $ 87,433 million, an increase of 11.5% compared to the first half of last year's revenue.

Total loans in 2Q18 went from $ 37,766 million to $ 48,912 million, an increase of 29.5%. the

Placements in associated trade increased by 48.2% and cash advances by 37.8% compared to

in the same period. This meant that the customer portfolio grew by 29.7% (from $ 64,494 million to $ 83,639 million) and the average debt grew by 18.6% (from $ 150,000 to $ 178,000).

The gross margin in the quarter was $ 18,512 million; this is an increase of 13.7% over the same period

from the previous year. The gross margin / income ratio went from 38.9% in 2Q17 to 39.3% in 2Q18.

In the second quarter of 2018, administrative costs (GA), excluding depreciation, amounted to $ 9.716 million,

accounted for 20.6% of sales versus 21.6% ($ 9 million) in the same quarter of the previous year. the

A 7.4% increase is mainly due to the costs generated by the opening of new stores.

The non-operating result (loss) for the second quarter of 2018 reached $ 864 million. In the second

in the fourth quarter of 2017, the loss was $ 380 million. This variation is mainly due to the exchange rate difference

of dollar operations (loans, deposits & forward contracts) with a net change of $ 684 million.

EBITDA for the second quarter of 2018 amounted to $ 8,796 million (18.7% of the operating result), which

increases by 21.5% compared to the second quarter of 2017, which is $ 7.243 million (17.3% of the

operating result).

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