IPSA ended August with a decrease of 3.02% despite the increase this week


The Santiago Stock Exchange on Friday recorded an advance of 0.49% in the main index, the IPSA (SPCLXIPSA), which closed at 5,270.43 points and made weekly progress of 0.20%. So far this month scores -3.02%, and in the year a decrease of 5.29%.

On the other hand, the General Share Price Index (IGPA or SPCLXIGPA) noted an increase of 0.45% on Friday and closed at 26,589.85 points, an increase of 0.11% in the week. In the month it adds a setback of 2.82% and in the year it accumulates a decrease of 4.97%.

The amount of shares traded on Friday reached $ 110.583 million (approximately US $ 164 million) in 22,490 companies.

The biggest gains of the day on Friday were the shares of Duncanfox (8.89%), Schwager (4.26%) and SQM-B (4.07%), while the main losses affected Salfacorp (- 2.66%) ), Blumar (-2.08%) and Ripley (-1.69%).

The Inter-10 (SPCLXIN10), which measures the local performance of the securities traded as ADR (American Depositary Receipt) in New York and forms an important part of the IPSA, aimed at an increase of 0.92% and remained in 5.965 .52 integers.

IPSA 31 8


Remember that the IPSA started counting on Monday, August 6, the process of transition to the new IPSA, which will have fewer titles and debut on September 24 first. The visible changes are the new name of the SPCLXIPSA index and the fact that if you do not have a contract with S & P, you will not be able to know the weighting of the actions that make up the IPSA. The index will continue to integrate the 40 current shares until 21 September, and 10 titles from September 21, only to be integrated with 30 shares.

The other indices of the Santiago Stock Exchange are also undergoing changes and will have a new denomination.

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