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Lima.- Nowadays, more and more people are encouraging themselves to get different business ideas. To do this, the educational market offers a number of digital platforms that are very easily accessible to have quality content that teaches you how to do business effectively. To access these sites, users do not have to invest money in the registration, they only need the availability of time and internet connection.

The Miriadax platform (https://miriadax.net/home), promoted by Telefónica Educación Digital, offers 100% free courses to teach people how to start their business idea. This initiative has more than 4.8 million students, more than 600 courses from 95 universities and institutions and more than 2,000 teachers in their community.
The courses are taught by various teachers from well-known universities such as ESAN, PUCP, the University of Madrid and the University of the Basque Country. All are available on Miriadax, a platform promoted by Telefónica Educación Digital.

If you are interested in more information about entrepreneurship, the 7 courses offered by the platform are as follows:

1) Management challenges for emerging companies.- Dictated by the University of ESAN. It is an informative and reflective course that addresses six challenges in the management of business and social organizations in countries whose economies are growing at an annual rate of 5%, but which is confronted with social, cultural and technological changes.
The course takes about 6 weeks or 12 hours of study and started on 13 August.

2) Strategic management of innovation and entrepreneurship.- Dictated by the University of ESAN. It is an informative course on the skills that managers need to develop to implement a system of innovation in the company. The subject is scheduled for an average of 6 weeks or 84 hours and is currently open for consultation.

3) The attendance and importance of the companies.- Dictated by the papal Catholic University of Peru. It is an introductory course on the business management perspective, which aims to solve a social and / or environmental problem, extend its fiduciary responsibility and use the market for the production of public and private goods.
The course lasts about 4 weeks or 14 hours and you can now consult online.

4) Social entrepreneurship: set your project in motion (6th edition). – Dictated by Universidad Universitas. It is meant for people who want to know how they can make their passion come true. Important entrepreneurial methodologies such as "Lean StarUP" are being developed that encourage creativity.
The average duration of the course is 5 weeks or 30 hours of study, and it is possible for consultations.

5) Starting a high impact company (2nd edition) .- Dictated by the papal Catholic University of Valparaíso. The aim of this course is to develop methodologies for the development of dynamic companies at an early stage that are able to formulate a first business model. It takes about 6 weeks or 30 hours to study, and the course is open for consultation.

6) Entrepreneurship and youth: from idea to company.- Dictated by the distance university of Madrid. The course provides tools for young people to successfully undertake through national and regional measures such as gender entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial skills and good practices. The duration of the subject is estimated at 5 weeks or 25 hours of study and is currently open for consultation.

7) Entrepreneurship, from idea to action.- Dictated by the University of the Basque Country. This course provides a guideline for designing and developing a business idea on the internet, both from a business and technical perspective. It has a duration of 4 weeks or 20 hours of estimated study and is also open for consultation.

The courses have a certificate of participation completely free, but if the participant wants an improvement, the costs are 40 euros.

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