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Mexico City. Because of the trade war between China and the United States, the iPhone could be assembled in Mexico and not in the Asian country. Other manufacturers of smartphones and computers are also considering moving their production units because our country is one of the options.

Recognized Asian manufacturers such as Foxconn Technology Group, Pegatron, Compal Electronics and Quanta started to take action and warned their investors about the measures that would be implemented in the short and medium term.

The government led by President Donald Trump began to tax Chinese products, some of which belong to the technology sector, such as semiconductors, chips or industrial components.

It mainly affects companies such as Apple, Dell, Google, HP, Intel, NVIDIA and anyone who imports components, or assembles their devices in China and its provinces such as Taiwan.

Bloomberg information showed that an option for Chinese manufacturers is to expand the capacity of their factories in other countries, just like the pl aneando to do Pegatron, known as the key in the assembly of the iPhone and other devices.

Interest. In a teleconference, CEO, S.J. Liao noted that the tariff determination according to section 301 of the US trade law is the biggest uncertainty for this year.

We have prepared plans for our existing facilities in Taiwan, Mexico and the Czech Republic, "he said.

The Pegatron plant in Mexico is located in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, and the company is also planning a new the factory in India, they do not know how long the trade friction will last or there will be a round of rates after September.

Another company that would bet in the country is Compal Electronics, which is not part of Apple's supply chain and that's why Vice President Ray Chen indicated that they did not work on contingency plans.

If they were to be influenced, however, he felt it would not be difficult to reassign his production and assembly lines, mainly because it has factories in countries such as Mexico, Poland and Vietnam.

The Compal factory is located in Ciudad Juárez and belonged, until 2011, to the Japanese company Toshiba that used it to make televisions. to produce.

On the other hand, Quanta Computer, another Taiwanese supplier of Apple, also indicated that it is analyzing the production of its plants in the United States and Europe.

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