Minera Escondida and trade union reach agreement and prevent strike

After a week of negotiations between Minera Escondida and the trade union formed by 2,500 employees, a contractual agreement was reached and they avoided a standstill.

Chilean mining company Escondida confirmed yesterday afternoon that nearly 2,000 workers approved after the respective meetings, the new proposal delivered by the company that definitively prevented a new strike in that deposit as the one that took place in 2017 and that lasted 43 days.

The vice president of business affairs of Minera Escondida, the largest producer of copper in the world, Patricio Vilaplana, said: "We want to thank the efforts of all those who have made it possible to reach this agreement."

The executive explained that it is an agreement that satisfies both employees and their families "as the need to be Hidden in order to be sustainable over time."

"With this ratification we have continued today in the afternoon to turn the new counter to collective, "he said.

The agreement was reached during the early hours of Wednesday between the company controlled by the Anglo-Australian BHP Billiton and the board, but it had to be ratified by the workers.

In particular such an agreement consists of the payment of a conflict termination bonus of 19 million pesos (about 28 thousand dollars) for each partner.

In addition, the parties agreed to pay 1 million extra pesos (about 1,492 dollars) in December. this year.

In addition, it was agreed to maintain a housing plan, giving employees access to an advantage to acquire their homes, in addition to other agreements.

Last year's strike meant a decrease in production for Escondida. from 7.8% to 903,000 tonnes, which strongly influenced the growth figures at national level, although the improvement in copper prices made it possible to increase the profit by 20% to 1.92 million dollars. parts.

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