So you can see Netflix in the office without being caught

The addiction has called Netflix It affects people of all ages and of every gender. It is very common to find friends in the office, in the café or in the cinema who are kept awake because they stayed awake until 3 o'clock in the morning watching a series or film.

The users of lto streaming platform, they usually watch their favorite program or film at home, but on several occasions this is not the home front. Sometimes the work also raises the wish to watch a new episode and although this is an almost impossible mission, there is an ally who can lend a hand, his name is: Workflix.

Can you imagine that you can enjoy your favorite Netflix series at the office? It seems like a dream, but today it is possible to stay unnoticed. And you already know Workflix?

How does it work?

Workflix is ​​one Chrome browser extension that was created to camouflage your desktop at work. All you have to do is:

  • Download the extension.
  • Open Netflix and start looking at what you like.
  • When a partner or your boss is approaching, all you have to do is press the Q key and it will automatically change to a Google search window or a sale you have previously configured.

This way you can change the window with one button without anyone noticing it and the Netflix tab icon is also hidden.

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