Supermarkets expect increases of "between 5% and 10%"

After the sharp rise in the price of the dollar, the spokesperson for the Argentine Chamber of Supermarkets (CAS), Fernando Aguirre, assesses the impact that will have on the prices of consumer products. Confirm that they are registered Failures of product deliveries suppliers, since they do it price increase that fluctuates between 5% and 10%.

This morning in statements for the radio continentalAguirre said: "No one can think that a dollar that we have shot will not be translated at prices.

CAS spokesman explained "There is no doubt" that the sharp rise in the US currency will affect consumer pricessuch as food, beverages and cleaning products for home, although it could not specify at what time, and warned that this is first displayed in the imported productss.

According to Aguirre there are delays in the delivery of some products because the suppliers have not established the price increases that will be between 5% and 10%.

For the spokesperson of the entity that brings together the most important supermarket chains "unfortunately, it does not matter how many cases are questioned, it is a reality in Argentina that can not be denied".

Aguirre, however, added the price updates are dependent on the suppliers of the stores. The supplier can submit a new price list once or twice a month, but it is not specified when this happens, "clarifies. "He who does not grow in a situation like this, will get into serious trouble."

Anyway, Aguirre noticed that supermarkets can not transfer all increases "because sales are very low", which generates a "low profit margin".

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