Tesla shares fell sharply after controversial Elon Musk interview

The shares of the electric car manufacturer Tesla fell this Saturday with 8.93 percent in response to a interview granted by the founder, Elon Musk, to the newspaper The New York Times (NYT), where he revealed that the pressure he feels for the work is "unbearable".

At the end of the New York Stock Exchange the securities quoted $ 305.50 after opening the session at 323.50 and the company ended with a loss of value of 14.06 per cent due to the impact of the latest Musk tweets.

On 7 August, the businessman wrote on Twitter that he considered taking Tesla out of the stock market when he reached $ 420 per share and that he had "insured funding" the paper in the article reminds, on Friday was published.

US securities (SEC, doubted the accuracy of Musk's tweets and as a result several short sellers, short sellers, the billionaire and the company have sued the ad. [19659004] In these circumstances, Musk went to the NYT and admitted that work takes its toll that his responsibilities touch him personally and that "the worst is yet to come."

] "This last year was the most difficult and painful of my career " condemned Musk, who stressed that was" unbearable " and at the expense of not seeing his children or his friends, about whom he stated concerned about his physical health

Regarding the search for a "number 2" to relieve his workload, the billionaire said that he was not going to have the Tesla did it for each other for his functions as chairman and chief executive officer, but stated that if there is someone who "can do the job better", he can give them "right now".

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