The development center of Equifax in Chile will have 300 engineers and an investment of USD $ 20 million.

  • What was born as a pilot with public and private funding, became an axis of the technological development of Equifax in the world and will reach its maturity with an investment of USD $ 20 million.
  • The success of the work of young professionals, who are developing services for the 24 countries in which the company is present, has encouraged Equifax to expand this center and entrust the development of new applications, particularly focused on big data analysis.
  • The company's new products are developed in an environment of creativity and dedication in which innovative methods are used and where there are leaders and no bosses.

Santiago, 24 August 2018 – The success of the work of some 150 engineers at the Equifax Development Center in Santiago has led the North American company to confirm its commitment to this project, which started in 2009 as a pilot, and which will now reach maturity with a USD 20 million extra investment.

This is an enclave of innovation that has seen its capacity grow in 150 new jobs and exceeds 300 engineers of different nationalities working in Santiago to have impact all over the world. This marks the continuity of the development of the technological products and services offered in the 24 countries where Equifax is active.

Since 2009, this center is active in Santiago for generating technologies that enable the management, analysis and enrichment of useful data, so that different companies can make better business decisions. It is the largest technology development center that the company has around the world and serves as inspiration for the Atlanta and Dublin simulations.

"Thanks to the ongoing innovation developed from here, Equifax can deliver the best products and services to its customers." The work being carried out at this location enables the company to consolidate itself as a leader in providing services and solutions. that enable the management, analysis and enrichment of information, "said Carlos Johnson, CEO of Equifax Chile.

He adds that the expansion of the capacity of this center is a recognition of the quality of the work of numerous Chilean developers, who have produced services that are used in many markets. This is how Chilean developers have created systems that enable identity verification, the exchange of information between customers in real time and the use of big data, among other topics.

The development center of Santiago welcomes computer engineers with an average age of 27 years. They are characterized by their creativity, their willingness to contribute and their enormous passion for technology. "Here they find an attractive and integrating space that enables them to develop their skills and offer them new professional challenges," says Paulina Gálvez, leader of the team working on the development of Big Data.

He adds that the use of innovative methodologies makes it possible for each of the members to deliver the best of each. "In this center there are no leaders, but leaders: We work in a free environment with flexible hours, because the focus is on the objectives." We hold short meetings, such as stand-up meetings & # 39; goal is to share progress, solutions and problems and to change the roles of professionals, & Paulina explains.

During the inauguration of this new phase of the development center of Santiago, the international CEO of Equifax, Mark Begor, took part in the meeting which was very satisfied with the work of the Chilean engineers. "Thanks to the constant innovation developed from this place, Equifax can deliver the best products and services to its customers, who have access to the latest generation of tools to meet the challenges of their business."

The achievements of the Development Center of Santiago do not stay with the four walls, because there is a strong link with many technical and computer schools of local universities. The young professionals working in the Equifax center are the main players of the company's Back to College program. As part of this initiative, innovators work together with higher education institutions to share methodologies and create spaces for professional practices and to adapt this university career to the current needs of the company.

Also academics and students from universities in Santiago and regions come to this place to know how we work. "This business opening has made it possible for some careers to update their study plans in some areas and to adapt them to the demands of the markets," adds Carlos Johnson.

Importance of the initial support of Corfo and InvestChile

Although the economic stability of Chile and the quality of its professionals were of great value in the decision to install this center in Santiago, Corfo's initial support was fundamental for the company to initiate this center for the creation of technology It is used in different markets of the world.

The subsidies awarded by the institution in 2009, through the InvestChile High Technology Investment Promotion and Attraction Committee, co-financed its operation. Today, the company plans to invest a total of US $ 20 million over the next four years, thanks to the recent support of InvestChile, which recently approved new funds to expand the SDC by funding a percentage of salaries, technology and training. . of the engineers who work there.

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