The FDA makes history when approving an app as a contraceptive, but there are already complaints about unwanted pregnancies


For the first time in history, the Food and Drug Administration of the United States (FDA) announced the approval of one app for use as a contraceptive.

In 2017 it was considered a "medical device" in Europe, a decision that had been unknown until then, but now the FDA recognizes the Swedish Natural cycles as a way to prevent pregnancy, to give a boost to femtech, the emerging health technology industry for women that has generated profits in the order of a billion dollars over the last three years.

New technologies aimed at women's health have seen an unexpected growth in recent years, which is predicted to become a market for 50 thousand mdd in less than a decade.

The operation is based on the calendar of the personalized fertility of a woman, plus a basal thermometer to measure the temperature of the woman on awakening. The Swedish application costs 79.$ 99 a year

According to company figures, Natural Cycles has more than 900 thousand users worldwide.

His approval came after only the 1.8 percent of women who used the method correctly (called the failure rate) became pregnant. In comparison with a percentage of contraceptive pills in the United States of 9 percent, while the condom is about 18 percent, according to figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

However, the app is also being examined by the Swedish Medical Products Agency, following reports from 37 other women who had used the contraceptive application and had to take abortions.

The company said it was aware of these accusations, although it felt that the number was "in line" with its "expectations".

In statements to the British newspaper The Guardian, the UK family planning association also expressed concern.


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