The reasons why Amazon wants to settle in Argentina, but still doubts

The city of Santa Fe was eventually discarded by the projection of political conflicts that local advisors of the operation approached

They do not want to sing a victory in Buenos Aires. But they trust that there is no way back. The choice of the technological giant Amazon on which country will eventually be installed, in South America – with an investment that would reach US $ 1 billion – will soon be defined and the result, according to sources close to the negotiations, that it agreed with this newspaper will benefit Argentina.

In the midst of a number of twists and turns, the regulatory framework on data privacy and the clarity of the national and provincial tax advantages offered in Argentina to the signature of the richest man in the world – CEO, Jeff Benzos – is far more important to Amazon. than the energy problems and exchange rate fluctuations that they found to be weaknesses in the country.

In Chile, which takes on Argentina to tempt Amazon, there was a point that discouraged the company. A tax reform that would have a strong impact on the digital economy was a central theme at the last meeting of representatives of Amazon Web Services (AWS) with officials from the Trans-Andean government. The new taxes include both e-commerce and service platforms; both, central to the company.

Since there is still no official approval from the company, both countries continue to present research to keep Amazon's investment. But internally it is clear that Bahía Blanca is the chosen place in the region. The company will install a data center with the projection of storing and processing information, but also as a kick-off for eCommerce.

In Argentina, the company was already set up and the company received its CUIT to exploit, invoice and receive capital. Last year Amazon Web Services intensified its relationship with the country, with offices and through an agreement with the then Ministry of Modernization, Andrés Ibarra. That is why the proximity of important sectors of the government, such as that portfolio, but also with the investment agency and access to the information offices, is decisive for the company.

The choice of Bahía Blanca answers several arguments, as well as being a free zone. The country in which the company will be installed will be closed due to its characteristics. It is a large consumer of electricity and water, two central entrances for this type of installation, which have to be cooled and used permanently. To draw attention to Argentina's energy problems, Bahía Blanca added projects for wind farms that could become operational before Amazon began working alongside other official promises that would guarantee the delivery, sources of accounts linked to the project

Locally, the area of ​​the port of Ingeniero White also tries to restore the pressure it had in the past and create a model of technological pool that occurs in other places. In fact, the option of Rosario was chosen because a cluster of small, growing technology companies was consolidated.

The city of Santa Fe was eventually discarded by the projection of political conflicts that local advisors of the operation approached.

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