The secret agreement between Google and MasterCard

BUENOS AIRES (The Intransigent) google and MasterCard They entered into a secret agreement to exchange customer data, a pact that allows advertisers to access a powerful tool to track whether the ads they've published online in a physical store have been sold, local sources reported.

Last year, some Google advertisers had access to a powerful new tool to track whether the ads they placed online ended up in a sale in a physical store in the United States.

This was possible thanks to the fact that the technology company and MasterCard signed a secret agreement of which the majority of the 2 billion holders of these cards were unaware and that it meant that their data had to be checked.

According to local media, no company ever signed the agreement that would allow the Mountain View company and its advertisers to study how their investments translate into more than 2 billion offline consumer transactions.

Alphabet Inc., Google and MasterCard Inc., negotiated a business partnership for four years, according to four people close to the agreement quoted by the US press.

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