Volkswagen has released this Thursday will invest around 3,500 million euros in his digitization plan until the year 2025.

the strategy "Transform 2025+", launched in late 2016, It includes the development of one platform in the cloud connect your vehicles and customers to offer services such as car sharing, as well as a new software operating system for your electric car.

Jürgen Stackmann, a member of the Volkswagen Brand sales department, declared at a press conference at the Group Representative Office in Berlin, according to the company statement:

In the future, our Volkswagens will become more and more digital devices on wheels.

The German company wants to play a leading role in the new car industry, develop innovative mobility solutions and become the world leader in electric mobility. With this, pretend you are evolving from a car manufacturer to a mobility service provider with a connected vehicle fleet.


The new software operating system, christened as "Vw.OS", will be implemented in all electric cars from the German manufacturer from the year 2020, which will have a completely new electronic architecture, which will be designed ease the autonomous driving functions.

Instead of about 70 different sensors and controllers that work independently, the sensors are connected via the new software operating system patented. "Separating software hardware lays the foundation for continuous upgrades and improvements," explains Michael Jost, head of strategy for the VW brand.

In this way, all information gathered by a parking sensor can be linked to the address, brakes and high definition maps, so that the car is parked as soon as a built-in camera identifies a free space.

Volkswagen Connect

The year 2020 It will be one turning point for the brand, according to Volkswagen. Nowadays about 1.5 million vehicles can connect to the internet via the "Volkswagen Connect" without access to the network, but in two years time starts to connect your entire fleet. "Every year more than five million new vehicles will become part of the internet of things [IoT]", assured the German manufacturer.

Your sales model has also been adjusted to keep the ecosystem as open and accessible as possible. It is for the first time dealers can communicate directly with customers during the entire life cycle of the vehicle. So they can receive offers without having to make an appointment with a workshop.

One digital platform

the digital platform "One Digital Platform" (ODP) will it be backbone of the ecosystem, to ensure the connection with its electronic architecture, which includes services that much from Volkswagen from you external partners. That is why it will be mainly based on the cloud to connect car, customer and services.

"Volkswagen is leading the development of OPD in collaboration with the Group's brands, and we are looking for additional external support, we will soon announce collaboration projects and partnerships," said Christoph Hartung, Digital Director and New Business / Mobility Services Director Volkswagen. .

"We share"

As he announced in early July, he will start your own car sharing service, called "We Share". a fleet of 2,000 vehicles 100% electric will offer this service in Germany from the second quarter of 2019 and, later, it will reach the main cities in Europe, as well as some cities in the United States and Canada from 2020 onwards.

The digitization by the year 2025

By the year 2025, the German vehicle manufacturer expects to generate approximately one billion euros of turnover with its new digital servicesincluding car sharing, parking and parcel services. Volkswagen is planning to use applications like "We are parking" in your infotainment systems and connect your vehicles with providers such as Amazonthat they can use an application to open cars in a way that they are used as delivery points.