This hacker says he will broadcast the removal of Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook page live

The criminal assured that you will be able to see his attempt this Sunday.

28, 2018

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This story originally appeared on Engadget

a hacker promised this week to broadcast live his attempt to hack the account Facebook from Mark Zuckerberg on Sunday 30 September. "I will transfer the removal of Facebook's founder's account," Chang Chi-yuan told his more than 26,000 followers on the social network. Add: "Planned to go live".

According to BloombergThe self-proclaimed bounty hunter for programming errors is a minor celebrity in Taiwan appearing on talk shows and reportedly being summoned by a local bus company after violating his systems to get a ticket for only three cents. Earlier this month, Chi-yuan shared a screenshot with an Apple Pay lagoon that he had found with which he could pay $ 1 for 500 iPhones. His other claims include cyber attacks against Apple and Tesla, and he also appears in the famed-of-the-bug room of the Japanese giant Messaging Line.

"I do not want to be a hacker and I do not even want to be called a cyber pirate," Chang said in a recent publication. "I am bored and try to find vulnerabilities in companies to earn some money." Facebook, like other technology giants, provides cash to cybersecurity experts who identify failures in their system as part of a bug reward program. But given all the setbacks he is currently facing, including the departure of the founders of Instagram and his current fake news crisis, he probably does not want to tackle a high-profile hack right away.

The company is also not interested in paying rewards to people who test vulnerabilities against real users. In 2013 he refused to reward Khalil Shreateh, a system information expert in Palestine, for hacking Zuckerberg's account and posting a video of Enrique Iglesias on the wall of one of his friends at the university. The founder of Facebook has also previously attacked his Twitter and Pinterest accounts by the notorious group of hackers of OurMine.

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