Tottus: "We hope to add more than half a million rations for people in vulnerable situations"

the Food Bank of Peru (BAP), a non-profit organization that fights against hunger and food waste, Don Vittorio and Tottus hypermarkets, join forces in Solidarity Product, an initiative that wants to support the BAP in its mission to bring food to more than 50,000 people from the less privileged sectors every month.

This promotion is supported by Tottus and Alicorp It will be developed throughout the month of September at the 31 locations of Tottus de Lima and Callao. On this campaign, Tottus pointed out that "We hope that we can add more than half a million rations for people who are vulnerableIn addition, Tottus makes the customers of Alicorp available, in particular from Don Vittorio and our customers, 31 stores in Lima and Callao during the entire month of September. For the purchase of a product from the Don Vittorio category our customers support the beneficiary families of the BAP. "

This campaign has its origins in the retailer's alliance with the BAP since 2016, "we donate more than 10 tons of food per month, among fruits, vegetables and bread, high quality products, but in this occasion we also wanted to involve our customers and suppliers, in this case Alicorp with his brand Don Vittorio, with the intention to add more results in favor of the beneficiaries who are charitable organizations who provide food to the people who need it most"They told us.

"For us it is very important because we can be more sustainable with our food donation program in this way, in fact this contributes to the initiative we had at the beginning of the year, the & # 39;Healthy cooking workshop & # 39; where the people responsible for the kitchens of the beneficiary institutions of the Food Bank received training in food processing ", said the presentation of the campaign.

Triple alliance

"The initiative for the Solidarity product was developed jointly with Alicorp and Tottus, two of our regular donors, with whom we share the objective of fighting hunger and reducing food waste," he said. Leslie Pierce, chairman of the BAP board.

also, Malena Morales, from Alicorp, points out that Don Vittorio strives to give the best, not only by inspiring its products, but also by inspiring others. "We agree with the work of the BAP to emphasize the task of this organization and to inspire consumers, so that everyday actions, such as purchases in the supermarket, can have a positive impact on society," he said.

The participation of Don Vittorio This campaign is aimed at meeting BAP needs, such as transport financing, storage and training for the beneficiaries, among others, essential for fulfilling its mission.

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