Uber charges a surcharge to users who wait longer than five minutes

In a very brief statement, the administrators of the electronic platform that have started charging an extra fee for users since this week reported the rate per minute when a driver waited more than 5 minutes for the departure point of the journey.

"I consider the measure unjust," said Carlos González, who uses Uber every day, to TVN Noticias . "Often I am the one I have to wait and sometimes I am late because of the traffic jam, because the driver is lost, does not know the route, does not know how the GPS should drive … They do not give me compensation for that". [19659003] For Carlos González, this is a measure that should have been consulted with customers prior to implementation.

In October 2017, the Transit and Land Transportation Authority (ATTT) issued a decree laying down parameters for electronic platforms, such as drivers who have the type E1 license. The measure caused a decrease in the number of Uber-related directors, of 8,000 there were 2 thousand.

Therefore, users now have to wait longer to receive the service before it took five minutes and today between 15 and 20 minutes

"We only found out when it was applied, I had to wait for a customer after the five allowed minutes of the platform, Uber pays 10 cents per minute, "explains Javier Gómez, Uber & # 39; s floating partner.

According to this partner, it is sometimes more the time that they invest to achieve a race than when they are needed for it.

"There are also races or transfers that you have to do and you have to watch. Often the customer only goes to the next street alone, I spent much more time and petrol," Gómez repeated TVN Noticias . "The customer, a short career, they charge $ 2.20 and Uber stays with 28 percent of that."

Figures from the platform indicate that the number of users reached 233 thousand in the past year. Uber spokespersons did not give interviews, they were only expressed in the press release.

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