Covid-19 does not give a truce in Concepción and together with Punta Arenas are the cities with the most active business

The health situation in the capital of the Biobío region, a product of the coronavirus, remains a cause for concern. The measures taken have no effect, so that on the last day they positioned themselves as the city where the cases have increased the most in 24 hours.

So, as a new epidemiological report from Minsal shows, Concepción reached Punta Arenas at the top of the areas with the most active cases. Both account for 398.

Valdivia, in the Los Ríos region, also increased significantly. According to the information provided, it has added 55 new positive cases and is ranked third in the table.

General balance Covid-19

Nationally, 1,533 new cases of Covid-19 were detected in the past 24 hours, of which 1,014 were symptomatic and 494 asymptomatic, while 25 were due to unreported positive CRP.

Thus the total number reaches 558,668 people, of whom 9,509 remain active. Meanwhile, the recovered cases reached 533,250.

With regard to deaths, 34 deaths were recorded according to information from the Department of Statistics and Health Information (DEIS), therefore the total number of deaths from the virus across the country stands at 15,592 people.

To date, 664 people have been hospitalized in intensive care units, 518 on mechanical ventilation support and 67 in critical condition.

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