Despite going to Colo Colo, Esteban Pavez was crowned champion of the Copa Sudamericana | sport-

How incredible it sounds, Esteban Pavez –Colo Colo player– this Wednesday was crowned as the champion of South American cup, then the Atlético Paranaense lapses in the definition of Junior de Barranquilla.

How does this situation occur? The midfielder albo played the key against Newell & # 39; s Old Boys in the first round, between April and May, where he was the 90 minutes in every game. There, they won the first stage 3-0 in Curitiba and lost the 2-1 at Rosario. Then Cacique returned, although now the CONMEBOL he regards it as part of the Brazilian team that won the continental competition.

Paranaense won with penalties to Junior after a game where the Colombians deserved more, but they failed to specify the options. It was 2-2 in the overall and of the 12 steps the Brazilians were more effective.

Finally good news for Pavez, who may now have a continental title in his record.

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