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Dollar in Chile today – Diario Financiero

The price of the currency in Chile has reached its highest value since January 2, with copper futures losing ground for the renewed doubts of investors.

There is no ceasefire in the trade war between the United States and China and therefore there is no stock for global markets. The increase in tension between both powers led to this morning the exchange rate works very close to $ 700.

In the first edits of the last day of the week, the value of the dollar on the local market started at $ 696, which is an increase of $ 2 compared to yesterday's closing.

The loss in value of the peso against the North American currency is due to a 0.4% fall in the copper price in the future in the light of doubts about the global economy and that of China, the effect of the constant rise in rates that there is between Washington and Beijing.

For its part, the movement is also supported by a rise in the Dollar index, which measures the dollar worldwide against a basket of hard currencies.

After failing to reach an agreement that would put an end to the constant rise in tariffs on imported products, Donald Trump again attacked by forbidding US companies from using technology from entities such as Huawei.

China, for its part, has asked sincerity for the United States Government to continue negotiations.

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