Ford F-150: the best-selling vehicle in the world

In the beginning it was used by farmers in the field or contractors who transport cargo.

But pick-up trucks are no longer a tool to become a product of mass consumption that runs through the streets and roads of developed countries and emerging economies.

No wonder that the world's best-selling vehicle is the Ford F-series and – within it – is the most popular model: the Ford F-150 pickup.

Only in the first half of 2018 Ford sold 534,827 units worldwide, 3% more than in the same period of the previous year, according to data from the automotive analysis consultancy JATO Dynamics, which analyzed 56 markets internationally.

And in 2017 sales exceeded more than a million vehicles, the majority of which went to the US market, where it has been leading for more than four decades.

Why is it the best selling?

The series Ford F It was one of the first trucks to appear on the American market after the Second World War, with a more comfortable design than those known until that time.

"He made an early entry into the market and offered a number of innovative features," said BBC World M. Berk Talay, a professor of Marketing at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell.

Over time, it evolved to 13 generations, a speed of update much faster than the rest of its competitors.

"That permanent innovation has helped the F-150 maintain its leadership in the market," adds Talay.

Nissan and Toyota have tried to get ahead in the pickup market, but it was not easy for them, even considering that the average value of an F-150 is about US $ 47,000.

Since the introduction on the market in 1975, the F-150 became increasingly popular, as the consumer chose Larger vehicles.

"We could say that the F-150 is a symbol of that trend," says the researcher.

Or viewed from a different point of view, it can also be said that this truck is "the symbol of the success of US car manufacturers to convince consumers that they need larger vehicles."

What does it say about consumers?

Since about 80% of the F-150 is sold in North America (mainly the United States), an analysis of the consumers of the most purchased vehicle in the world leads us directly to American society.

In that country, more than half of all sales correspond to trucks or SUVs (also called SUVs or SUVs), which have become popular among families with multiple children.

This market has grown strongly in the world's largest economy, because in comparison with other countries the price of gasoline is lower, taxes are lower and urban networks leave room for circulation.

The problem is that this type of vehicle causes greater environmental pollution that the models of smaller sizes and that is why the expansion of their sales entails a danger.

"Consumers prefer personal convenience over environmental or long-term costs," says Talay.

A significant proportion of buyers live in a suburb or in the countryside. Among them there are middle-class families and small or medium-sized businesses.

Although pick-up manufacturers have added more luxury features in recent years to penetrate a segment greater purchasing power.

"As time passes, it is likely that the number of people buying a truck increases for reasons that exceed the usefulness," says Talay.

More luxury

In fact, the F-150 & # 39; s are designed for passenger comfort, including a second seat, Bluetooth connection, sound insulation or leather covers.

The success of pickups and off-roaders has been so great in recent years that some companies, such as Ford, are reducing the production of sedan models.

This was confirmed in July this year, when Ford announced plans to stop producing such cars in the United States.

The only models that would continue to sell after 2020 are the iconic, sporty Mustang and a new version of the Focus, which will be closer to an SUV than to a sedan.

In the ranking of the most sold products worldwide, after the Ford F series, the Toyota Corolla (sedan version), Volkswagen Golf, Honda Civic and Toyota RAV4.

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