"I was not surprised, things had already been heard in the week"

The former coach of Colo Colo said that the farewell of the Panther was the chronicle of an announced death.

The departure of Lucas Barrios from Colo Colo was surprising for the fan, but not for his former coach, Hector Tapia, who said it was something that could be seen.

"It did not surprise me, because someone had listened and talked to certain things during the week", Tito responded to ADN radio without going into details.

He said that about the execution of the Panther "There was no time to prepare well, he arrived halfway through the year. I'm not saying I was there, only to play two tournaments you have to start all over again, with the preseason, with the structure of the team and everything else. "

Of course, and to close, he emphasized that "He was always very willing to do everything whenever he needed it. Not only he, the team did not look good and did not lead us to win, but he also had great performances and played an important role in the international campaign. "

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