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Meet the 10 production errors in Game of Thrones

Although Game of Thrones is a series loved by everyone, it is not perfect in the least and here we show you the reasons.

Game of Thrones has become a movement that marked an entire generation. And since then it is not for nothing less There were even people who took their children with the names of the characters in the series.

However, though Many people glorify that it is (and it is) a very well edited series, it is not saved from having production errors. Some say it's impossible not to notice.

Starbucks has branches in Westeros

During two episodes of the series, a glass of coffee could be seen in the recording set. That of course has nothing to do with the series. however, these went to the box and fans continue to mock this until today.

Game of Thrones Errors

Jon Snow & # 39; s toy sword

If you are planning to go to war, it is best to carry real weapons. Well, it seems that Jon Snow doesn't care much because, for one of the biggest battles in history, he decided to wear a rubber sword. literally here they have an image in which you see him move very strangely.

Game of Thrones Errors

The magic necklace is not that magical

The red woman is one of the most mysterious characters in the entire series. Because the believer of the Lord of Light is a woman with a youthful appearance, who is actually more than 400 years old. The real appearance can be seen when you remove the chain that it always wears. But there are a scene in which he appears without this necklace and is still young.

Game of Thrones Errors

Modern clothing in Westeros

Today's fashion does not fit well in the Game of Thrones universe. but There are some actors who decided to wear jeans on the recording set as part of their characters' clothing. Nobody said no to them, and here is the result.

Game of Thrones Errors

Stannis Baratheon needs charging

During Stannis Bratheon's last fight, he decided to wait until death was reloaded in a tree. And while he did it He started charging his cell phone with a power bank hidden in his trunk.

Game of Thrones Errors

Spain makes it new

With the arrival of season 8 of Game of Thrones, we all expected a flawless job. But not only were there errors in production, but also in post-production. And this thanks to the dubbing of Spain, where instead of the sentence & # 39; She can't see us & # 39; to translate (she can't see us) they decided to say it the way it is. Create a new type of title for soldiers. And now we have the Sincansíos, which is responsible for illuminating the trenches.

The spirit friends

Everything must be perfect during a kiss scene in a production. So if someone suddenly enters the scene, it's better to take him away from there. It does not matter if you have registered his presence before. And here, two characters literally disappeared without a trace while there was a tender kiss.

I killed so much that I forgot how I did it

During the most controversial scene of the last season of Game of Thrones. Jamie tells Brienne a list of the atrocities he did on behalf of his sister. One of them has strangled his own cousin, but he didn't really kill him that way. He killed his cousin, but it was with his fists, not by suffocation.

Game of Thrones Errors

The crazy hair of the crazy queen

Danearys Targarien is known for having crazy and elaborate hairstyles. But apparently these change over time, from second to second. as in the same scene you can see it with two different styles. What a good stylist, excellent service.

Game of Thrones Errors

Who was who from where?

During the first credits of credits you can see an animation that shows the status of city and houses of the series. While you provide the names of the actors and actresses who are part of the series. While this happens, they put the symbols of their houses next to their name. Although sometimes the wave goes away and they change. Example of it is that Emilia Clarke seems to represent the Lannister's house.

Game of Thrones Errors

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