Minsal confirms that Seremi de Salud will investigate the case of positive Covid in a trip for the elderly

There was a response from the Ministry of Health (Minsal) to the noisy complaint of the Mayor of Renca, Claudio Castro, who revealed that the National Tourism Service (Sernatur) was taking 33 older adults from the municipality on a trip to Coquimbo, when one of them tested positive for Covid-19.

In this connection, Undersecretary of Health, Paula Daza In the context of the balance due to the advance of the corona virus, he pointed out that the case is already in the hands of the Seremi of the Metropolitan Region, who will be investigating.

“The Ministry of Health is conducting the epidemiological research. Close contacts have been isolated waiting for PCR results from the people who made the trip “, said.

However, when asked about the final irregular situation of the trip, Daza clarified: “Older adults, like everyone else, can move from phase 3 to phase 4 between municipalities, as long as they respect the sanitary measures.”

Yesterday, after the information was out, Sernatur noted that this trip “was coordinated in accordance with the provisions of the roadmap and under exacting protocols and sanitary measures established by the Ministry of Health, also ensuring the protection of all passengers during the travel process”, and detailed that ” all tourism service providers operating the Senior Vacations program are registered with Sernatur and are assessed by service professionals before each trip to ensure they comply with the required measures. “

The service added that They contacted both the affected person, who is at home, and the other participants in the trip, all of whom have performed PCR tests, according to the entity.

Castro told the mayor on Saturday that he discussed the situation with Paris yesterday. In addition, he stated that “this is the State of Chile in an official activity to which a high risk trip is invited (…) I think these trips should end.”

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