New magnetic charging cable from Satechi: alternative to MagSafe

Satechi joins MagSafe fashion, but in its own way

With the launch of new magnetic connection system From Apple, MagSafe, we already noted that this would eventually become the “new velcro”. And the truth is, it already is as there are many accessory manufacturers that have started to launch similar solutions ranging from chargers to mounts, etc. And beware, that’s only for Apple products but other brands certainly offer something similar.

One of the latest manufacturers to launch such a proposal is Satechi, a brand that has been offering products for the Apple ecosystem for a few years now with quite an eye-catching design and quality finish. The one that might interest you a little more is the new magnetic and wireless charger. Because you can even use it with iPhone models older than the current 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Mac and 12 mini thanks to a simple trick.

Let’s say the new magnetic charging cable replicates the idea of ​​MagSafe and, thanks to a magnetic system, aligns itself perfectly with Apple phones to optimize charging. A charge that, yes, it should be noted is not as fast as Apple’s wireless. And it is that instead of MagSafe’s maximum of 15W only this timeomit 7.5W because it is still a Qi charging station.

However, it has some interesting details. The first is logically the design, quite attractive as Satechi is used to its users. Mainly because they tend to go very well with the aesthetics of Apple products. The second is that, like MagSafe, it offers not only wireless charging, but also the ability to continue using the terminal while charging.

And finally, what can be really interesting for owners with a previous iPhone model is thanks to one magnetic sticker This new Satechi charging cable can also be used with phones other than the new iPhone 12. The downside is that you have to buy a separate magnetic sticker and it will break the aesthetics of your devices, but it’s the only way to take advantage of that magnetic coupling of the charger.

You will therefore have to carefully assess whether the benefits that a magnetic system can offer you are really enough to make that commitment or whether it is better to forget and use another Qi charging option, such as multiple wireless charging stations.

Price and availability

The new magnetic charger with USB C connection from Satechi has a price of $ 29.99, cheaper than Apple’s, despite this limitation in terms of payload. And if you want to use it with an older model, then the magnetic sticker will cost you $ 9.99 Additional functions. Both prices in euros should be identical as Satechi usually maintains parity when changing currencies.

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