Pancho Saavedra revealed bad experiences living with couples who had C. Viento y Marea | recordings TV and show

Francisco Saavedra has performed four seasons, one in progress, of the program Against all expectations, in which he had to live different situations. Contrary to popular belief, the communicator hasn’t always had that feeling with all couples.

This was announced in the last chapter of the program Partners, which he animates with Jorge Zabaleta, Stefan Kramer and Pedro Ruminot; where he revealed that he didn’t get along with a particular girlfriend at all.

Without disclosing the person’s name, Saavedra said he did not like the attitude she had and classified her as a “lazy” person.

“I felt terrible from the day I met her, it was mutual, I actually came to the party and I just wanted to leave”, Indonesian.

“I didn’t like it. There are moral issues involved that I don’t share, so I didn’t like it (…) When you know so much sacrificed bride and groom and when you see a girl there, like … I’m being accused by people who are not very determined, I can’t stand people who are not very determined “, concluded.

Minutes later, Saavedra referred to another couple who were the protagonists in the space. On this occasion, he referred more to the man’s attitude.

In this sense, the animator indicated that both had complications even in the production of the space. “One day he got married, the next he rested”, exposed.

“This rooster works at Uber and the girl was so jealous she got in the back of the car and followed him and the hu … (sic) went and started (sic) grabbing a mine and the rooster was behind the car. Trunk and suddenly goes so pah! and throws the hu … (sic) and remains the fox (sic) and a half ”, he recalled.

At that point, they decided from space not to continue to support the marriage of those two people, so the story ended without a wedding.

“I said, ‘I’m not going to take care of this vulgarity, I’m not marrying anyone'”, concluded.

It should be noted that the fourth season of Contra Viento y Marea premiered two weeks ago. The episodes were shot with sanitation measures due to the pandemic.

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