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The dollar in Chile today

The exchange rate ended the session at $ 694, meaning an increase of $ 2.9 compared to the end of yesterday, in the face of a global rise in currency.

Although the Chilean peso could start the day well with the right foot, the hours passed it left it in line with the decline experienced by the currencies of the emerging world and the region.

At the end of the day, the exchange rate was quoted on the interbank market for $ 694.00, which stands for an advance of $ 2.6 compared to yesterday. This is the highest level of currency transfers since the beginning of January this year.

Today's results come in an unfavorable context for emerging markets, following a new escalation of tensions between China and the United States, with an executive order from President Donald Trump who laid the foundation for banning Huawei in the future American country.

Given this scenario, the global dollar price – measured by the Dollar index, which contrasts with a basket of currencies – is currently operating at an increase of 0.22%.

At the level of the & # 39; s currencies in emerging countries, some of the major currencies in Asia were unable to catch the bad news, with mixed results, but the EMEA zone (emerging Europe, the Middle East and Africa) It absorbs the impact, where the & # 39; s currencies coincide.

In Latin America, all major currencies in the region lost ground to the dollar, with the exception of the Argentine Peso, which is currently rising.

With this, the Chilean peso ignored the copper future lenses, which at the moment rise slightly in the US commodities market, so ignores the negative environment for standing up.

Given the uncertainty about trade relations between Washington and Beijing, risk markets, such as emerging market currencies, commodities and equity markets, are expected to remain sensitive to short-term volatility.

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